The Most Valuable Advertising Platform For Your Business Awards

Over the last few months, we’ve provided insight into how Mediaura evaluates different advertising platforms based on our client needs. Inspired by the end of this blog series, we’ve decided to celebrate these platforms for what they do best with unique awards.

Welcome to the MVPs: The Most Valuable (Ad) Platform Awards

Leader For Local – Google Ads

Google Local Search Ads on the Google Ads Platform have helped us to literally put clients on the map in densely populated and highly competitive markets. Having a presence that is searchable and mappable gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Trailblazer for Targeting Niche Audiences – Reddit

Reddit is where people form collectives of interest and prequalify themselves. If there’s a subreddit related to your product or service, you may be surprised to find users already talking about your business.

The MVP of B2B – Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads Platform has a wide audience that is growing quickly due to their new AI integrations, plus an ability to target industries similar to other platforms. Add the option to automatically import your ad setups from other platforms, and Microsoft becomes a go-to for reaching the audiences with which the other platforms may struggle to connect.

Hero of Hiring – LinkedIn

Simply said, LinkedIn is made to connect employees and employers. It’s where users talk about their skillset, learn about their industry, and see the latest memes about work. When that data is collected and targetable, we can put a job listing in the lap of the employee you want to find.

Excellence in Ecommerce – Amazon

66% of US consumers start their search for products on Amazon, and 9 out of 10 consumers price check with Amazon. If you have a product to sell, there’s a good chance that Amazon can add sales for you.

Darling of Display Advertising – Meta

Meta, formerly Facebook, also owns Instagram. While TikTok is hot on the heels of both platforms, these two manage to retain the largest audience. More importantly, the audience these two platforms retain has expendable income. 

Superior in Search Advertising – Google Ads

A tight race for this one, but Google is still the most used search engine in the world, and search ads benefit from the traffic this brings to their advertising platform.  

The Best Overall Platform

Our marketing team discussed this as I was preparing to finish this series. Who’s the best of the bunch? The truth is, and I hope you dear readers gathered this from this series, is that it really depends on the client.

It’s the reason we ask the four questions and have experts who want to know your brand. 

If you’re ready to work with an award-winning company, with people who believe in you and want your brand to succeed, contact us at Mediaura.

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