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Optimization. Authority. Speed.

Google displays websites based on these three things: Optimization, Authority, and Speed. Our SEO Specialists will ensure your site reaches optimal ranking so that you are in the consumer’s top consideration set when researching in your product or service category. Because we all want more clicks, right? Search Engine Optimization is the key.

Do your Customers rank higher than you do?

In this vein, Google displays websites based on their optimization and authority. Relevant content and the number of quality links are authority signals that increase the potential for a website to rank. Our job is to give your site the best quality control through keywords that Google recognizes and outstanding content that gives your site an authoritative edge.

Comprehensive SEO Audit
Front Page Content Consultation
Site Programming Fixes
SEO Performance Monitoring
Social Strategy
Keyword Research & Implementation
Internal Text Link Modifications
Setup and Implementation of Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Tools
Ranking/Status Reports
Content Marketing Strategy
Meta Data Alterations
SEO-Friendly Content Writing
Setup and Implementation of Bing Webmaster tools
Page Speed Testing

If you are reading this page, you found our website from a search on Google or a search on Bing in some rare cases. Regardless of what search engine you choose, organic search is one constant in digital marketing, which depends on proper search engine optimization.

Your goal is to generate more leads or sales. One way to achieve that is with a tried-and-proven SEO campaign, and this is where Mediaura can help! Our scientific approach follows all the industry’s best practices and simultaneously improves your rankings while mitigating the negative impact of ongoing Google algorithm changes.

Start With Our Complimentary Audits

We start with running three unique complimentary audits on your website and your existing SEO. We check for common SEO problems with your website, including missing meta tags, duplicate pages, and poor keyword density. Then we run a speed performance test on your website, which your programming and website hosting provider impacts. Finally, we measure your overall SEO footprint either by itself or in comparison with your top competitors.

This audit’s information helps us understand where you are currently and how much work is required to bring your digital property up to date. Our ongoing efforts, which involve content creation and link building as two key components, will determine your overall goals, where you currently rank, and your budget and time constraints.

SEO Takes Time

Many search engine marketing agencies will tell you that SEO takes time. While this is a true statement, it’s essential to set goals and measure results. We like to see improvement within the first three months on several keywords, and if this is not working, we need to discover why and make the necessary changes to get results.

Rank For a Variety of Keywords

Sometimes a new brand has a hard time ranking in a competitive market. Rather than ask for patience for a tough keyword that will take months or even years to dominate, we like to prove success with various easy and medium-difficulty keywords to build traffic and confidence. We can then establish the difficult keywords as parallel, long-term goals and measure them accordingly.


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