Email Marketing

Yes, it still works.

Email Marketing was one of the earliest forms of advertising on the internet. It was the Wild West – anything goes! Spam Emails were being sent by the billions to customers all over the world in hopes that people would open the Emails, click on them, and buy your product or service. It was so huge that laws were even written to protect customers from junk Email, commonly referred to as spam.

In the world of Google and Social Media, does Email marketing still work? The short answer is: Yes!

Email marketing is critical to the success of service-based organizations, especially B2B. If you are using marketing automation then Email is essentially a requirement. It can help nurture your cold leads until they heat up. This will allow your sales team the freedom to work warm and hot leads and let Email (with marketing automation) work cold leads.

Email marketing is also important for E-Commerce websites. Have you ever left items in your cart and got a reminder via EMail with a discount code? If you aren’t collecting Emails on your website then you’re leaving money on the table and your ad campaign is not being optimized. Remarketing is great, but if you can get an Email address we can do even more!

If you want help creating an Email campaign that looks professional and performs for your business then give us a call.

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