Brand Creation

New Business Needs New Brand

Our creative team has crafted the perfect process of building a brand. Before we begin any creative work, we go over discovery questions to learn more about your current brand, goals, and consumers. This gives us an idea of where the brand is, where it is going, and what is needed. Sometimes you are too close to your business to see it; a branding agency can work with you to figure this out.

Market Research

Brand creation starts with research. We can help you create your identity by performing market research and coming up with a shortlist of names. Maybe you are a startup, have an idea for an app, or want to rebrand yourself. Whatever it is, Mediaura can help you with this difficult and time-consuming process. Often, customers will have a decent idea of what they want to call their business, but they need expert advice to make the right choice. When you need to come up with a business name, give us a call.

Brand Creation is More Than Just a Logo

Brand identity is more than just a logo. To build your brand, Mediaura establishes goals and needs for a brand. We map out your brand identity from your brand voice, brand content, and more. All these brand-specific strategies are what is needed to cultivate the perfect brand identity.

Target Audience
Market Definition
Brand Promise
Reason to Believe
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