Advertising For Video

Advertising For Video

Video can be many different things.

It can be a simple slideshow, a custom animation, a video with music, voiceover, captions, or a traditional commercial. It can even be a longer format concept. Having the right content and matching it for the right audience at the right time is key.

However, here at Mediaura, we know our strengths and our limitations. While we are very comfortable creating many of the video formats listed above, in some instances, we partner with specialists that have the expertise, talent, and equipment necessary to produce something magical. When we do this, our chance of success increases exponentially.

In the video example below, Mediaura partnered with Film180 to create a commercial for The Claudia Black Center. This commercial has been viewed nearly 500,000 times on YouTube alone and was a key piece of marketing to help sustain and grow the program.

Video advertising, commonly referred to as OTT Advertising or “over the top advertising”, is becoming more accessible and affordable. This is thanks to companies like Hulu and YouTube allowing smaller businesses to advertise directly to their customers using video.

If you are ready to do video advertising and want to use the power of the internet to target your audiences, give us a call.

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