Custom Analytics & Reporting

When Google Analytics is Not Enough

Do you use Analytics?

Google Analytics is an amazing tool, and we recommend it for all of our clients. If you have a website then you probably have Google Analytics. Sadly, most customers that don’t have Google Analytics installed don’t have a competitor alternative such as Adobe Analytics or Omniture. Rather, they probably don’t have analytics installed at all. If that’s you, then please give us a call about setting up Google Analytics and you can skip the rest of this page. If you have analytics but need something more then this content is for you!

Customers who need custom analytics typically have very specialized websites or web applications, or they manage numerous web properties and need to track data across the various websites and platforms. While Google Analytics can actually accommodate this, programming it can be a daunting task if you’re not a certified Google Analytics engineer. This is where we can help.

Create Custom Dashboards

We can create customized dashboards in Google Analytics to suit your specific business needs. We can create custom, complex goals to track anything from your websites. If you have multiple properties, we can create special dashboards in Google Data Studio that contain real-time data for an executive summary.

We have created custom dashboards for Fortune 500 companies that span hundreds of websites and we’ve done the same for small businesses that need to track future rental income for reservations but the online payment was only tracked as a deposit.

Are you ready to get the most out of analytics and start saving time by not creating custom reports every month? Give us a call.

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