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Your brand is the foundation upon which you will build your business. A good brand makes your customers want to buy your products, seek out your services, or visit your establishment. It helps increase word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. A memorable brand also helps with recall. A branding agency can help create that foundation.

Why do I need a branding agency?

It’s more than just a logo, but a logo is a key part of your brand. You might be a great business owner, but do you know how to build a brand? You could be a marketing expert, but maybe you are too close to your own business and need a hand from a third party. We can help.

Logo & Identity Creations

Understanding, establishing, and growing your brand is of the highest importance to our branding agency team. Whether it’s creating a brand from the ground up, evolving an existing brand to fit your business strategy, or helping your brand’s marketing materials be consistent across various marketing solutions, we can do it!

Brand Research
Creating a new brand or transitioning an established brand?
Person in blue shirt writing in notebook
Brand Creation
Our creative team has crafted the perfect process of building a brand.
Woman in white shirt looking at smartphone
Logo Design
Showcases your brand on your signage, business cards, website, and social media.
Close up of woman drawing on paper
Brand Strategy
Our team will work with you to design a plan that becomes a working tool for the entirety of your project’s process.
Laptop screen with logo for True Health Center for Emotional wellness
A person on a laptop and taking notes for the brand research work at a branding agency

New Business Starter Pack

If you are starting a new business, there are many risks involved. You typically have a small budget, and you really need your investment to work, or the entire endeavor could be over before you ever turn a profit.

Case Studies

At Mediaura, our services can help your business across the entire digital marketing spectrum. As your digital partner, we will elevate your brand and exceed your online business goals.

Pearl St. Game & Coffee House

More than just a place to grab a morning brew.


Win prizes just for driving.

Brooklyn & The Butcher

New Restaurant In Town


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