WHy Mediaura?

Our Culture

Mediaura integrates the personalized attention of a boutique agency with the expertise of a large digital marketing firm. Our award-winning team brings attention, experience, and innovation to create a marketing culture that is focused on meeting the needs of our clients and surpassing expectations.

We are a family business. We care about each other and our partners, vendors, clients, and contractors. We work with technology all day long and sometimes it might be easy for people to forget that behind all of this technology are human beings. The people interacting with our websites and apps are not computers. Without the human element, our jobs would be 1’s and 0’s, and while we can write some fun things in binary code, it’s not quite the same. The people make this business both fun and challenging. 

We have a hierarchy to the extent that we need one for organizational purposes, but everybody here has a voice. Everybody’s opinion is valued and we enjoy a spirited debate about the how and the what that we do. However, one thing that we all agree on is the why.

Our why is almost too simple: We believe in you.

What does that mean? It means our digital marketing firm works with clients, vendors, partners, and contractors that we believe in. If we decide to work together, that means you passed the test of whether or not we believe in you, your business, your product, your service, your team, etc. We will not accept just any business because we know that our reputation is everything.

Know that when you work with Mediaura, you get a diverse team of people who live and breathe the technology we work with and engage on the platforms you want to advertise on. We didn’t learn most of this from a book. We learned it by living it, decompiling the code, hacking into the servers, making things, and overall just figuring it all out. There were no books, classes, or workshops when all of this technology was invented. We were there on the front lines, building our own software, running our own social media networks, and dreaming of things that were yet to be invented. When you work with Mediaura you get authenticity – you get the real deal.


Our group of strategists sets goals for your brand and for our team to ensure that your project is a success story from beginning to end.


It is important to us that we create relationships with brands, and even more, the people behind them.

Quality Control

Our team is passionate about putting out good work, and we have multiple processes to make sure it’s perfect before hitting the market.

Free Time

We’re more than a digital marketing firm, we make sure our team always remembers to be themselves and to do creative endeavors outside of our office.

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