Discovering Your Brand

Brand Research

If you are creating a new brand or transitioning an established brand, you may require research and consulting services to avoid making costly mistakes. Perhaps your company name conveys the wrong message, or the design you choose sends mixed signals to your potential customers. Maybe your brand translates to something offensive in a new market? Let our team of experts do the legwork to help prevent these issues from happening.

Brand Naming Research

Selecting a name can be a time-consuming and difficult process. You need to ensure the name is unique enough to pursue as a brand and then you want a domain name to go with it.

We can help create a list of creative and viable names for your organization.
We can do extensive reverse image searches as a preliminary step before settling on a name.
While we are not attorney’s we work closely with them when it comes to your trademarking your brand.

Logo Research

Before you create a new logo, you probably need an idea of what kind of a logo will work for your brand. Researching what works with consumers in your industry, what competitors are using, and how your logo will work on different forms of media is important. Deciding on a logo is hard enough, but with the right research we can make the process more strategic and objective.

Target Audience

Researching what works with consumers in your industry


Researching what direct competitors are using


Testing how your logo will work on different forms

Brand Positioning

You need to stand out from your competitors and be memorable, but how will you do that? This is where brand positioning comes into play. We will do the necessary research to determine the best possible way to position your brand so that you are primed for success. When clients get this wrong, all of the best advertising messages, targeting, and countless dollars of investment will have subpar results.

Target Audience
Market Definition
Brand Promise
Reason to Believe

Feasibility Research

Sometimes the question is not “can I” but instead it is “should I”? If you’re thinking about launching a new business, or perhaps a new business based around a cool idea for a mobile app, then you should consider feasibility research. There may be no demand for your business. You may have a great idea but other people have already tried and failed or beat you to market. This research will help you understand if you should move forward with a new business endeavor.

New Market Studies

Many businesses want to expand from a local market to a regional marketing, or add additional markets throughout the nation. How do you know if you are selecting the right location for your expansion? The new market study will examine your options to determine the most viable options for success.

Brand SWOT

Sometimes you need a hand in evaluating your SWOT. Maybe you’ve never done one before but you don’t want to extra expense of a business coach or consultant. We have worked with hundreds of brands over the years and when doing all of this research we’ve learned a thing or two. Let us help you clearly identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Having a solid grasp on these four areas is a great starting point for building a marketing strategy that can amplify your strengths, work around your weaknesses (while you improve on them), capitalize on opportunities, and protect against threats.

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