Mediaura Launches Website Redesign For Bio-K+

Why take probiotics? They’re good for you. Why redesign your website? It’s good for you. 

A website redesign keeps your brand fresh. Design preferences change, technology advances, your goals and strategies evolve. 

Bio-K+ knows the importance of a refresh. The science-powered probiotic brand puts customer rejuvenation at the top of their priority list. 

They also know the importance of a little self-care. They wanted a new look; we obliged.

Bio-K’s redesigned site, created by Mediaura, showcases an updated modern design with user experience at the forefront. The addition of new animations and video content keeps users engaged, while better search functionality gives them an overall breezier experience. 

We designed it mobile-first, of course — all the better with which to capture the Gen Z audience that Bio-K appeals to. 

Because Bio-K is an international company, we replicated our redesign across three different site versions for their U.S., Canadian English, and Canadian French customer base. 

Now that Bio-K looks better, we’re going to bet that they feel better and perform better, too. 

Need a refresher yourself? Contact us.

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