Call Tracking

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Are you tracking calls?

Can you look at a report and see where a customer that called your business found out about you? Are you still relying on asking that customer how they heard about you? Does your team remember to ask that question and do they document it? Are you doing anything with that information?

If the answer is no to some or all of the questions above, then chances are Call Tracking can significantly improve your business.

Over 162 billion calls will be made to businesses this year. With calls converting consumers 10-15 times more often than web leads, by tracking your calls you will put yourself at a huge advantage over your competitors.

Where are they coming from?

With our Call Tracking solution, you will be able to see how many customers called you from LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google. You can see what pages they visited on your website before calling. You can see how many times they visited your website after clicking on your LinkedIn ad before calling you.

Understanding where your calls are coming from can help you determine how effective your digital advertising is on a per-channel basis. Are you spending more money on Facebook when your leads are actually coming from LinkedIn? Let’s find out together.

Oh, and one added bonus is that we can choose to record calls with your permission. This means you can spot-check your sales team, your receptionist, your after-hours call service, and more. Fix problems with your team that could be costing you valuable leads.

Are you ready to start tracking calls and growing your business?

Case Studies

At Mediaura, our services can help your business across the entire digital marketing spectrum. As your digital partner, we will elevate your brand and exceed your online business goals.

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Growing an established and respected business to an industry leader.

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Transforming a beloved pizza brand into a digital-marketing powerhouse.

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