Which Digital Advertising Platform Is Best For My Business?

Perhaps this is the first time your business is dipping a toe into the digital ad pool or maybe you’ve been using some of the fairly-automated solutions but aren’t seeing the results you expected. If you’re asking yourself, “Which digital advertising platform should I use,”  then no worries. Mediaura is here to break down the pros and cons of different digital advertising platforms and give you a peek into how we help guide clients to the most effective platform for their business. This is the first part in a recurring series, and we’re going to kick it off with a general overview of what a digital platform is and the basic questions you should be asking yourself to determine which one to use.

What is a Digital Advertising Platform, and Why Do I Need To Use One?

You’re most likely reading this blog on a computer, tablet, or phone.  With these devices replacing traditional media (such as newspapers, magazines, broadcast television, radio, etc.) there is a need to reconnect businesses to their consumer base. That can be done via a digital format.  Digital advertising platforms are services that allow Mediaura to place your business ads on those screens.

Digital advertising platforms allow Mediaura to:

  • Place ads that create awareness, just like billboards or traditional print ads do 
  • Place ads with a Call to Action that shows up at the right time, like you would see with restaurant ads on the radio at lunchtime
  • Track response to ads like traditional coupon campaigns
  • Show up in search like a traditional phone book ad

But what can digital advertising do that traditional advertising can’t?

  • Remarket to a user with ads that “follow” them around the internet
  • Use their market data to craft a dynamic ad that seems tailored to the user
  • Provide a comprehensive data set about your ad’s performance

How To Choose the Right Digital Advertising Platform(s)

When we get a new marketing client, there are a few pieces of information we want to know that will help Mediaura’s marketing team make suggestions about which platform(s) will give them the best results.

GOAL – What’s the goal of marketing for this business? Often the reply is more sales, leads, or store visits. This one is a no-brainer. Every business wants to grow. Digital marketing can be an excellent solution to reach new customers and stay relevant with current customers.

AUDIENCE – What’s the business’s perceived audience? Is the audience supported by data? Can we grow that audience? This is where digital advertising shines. Audience targeting means we only show the ads to the group that we want to see the ad. You won’t sell many steaks at a vegetarian conference, but you might if you could figure out who went to a steakhouse the night before. That’s what digital advertising can do for you. 

ASSETS – What social platforms is the client already using? Do they have a website? Do we need to create basic assets (photography, video, copy)  for this client? This question boils down to how are you currently reaching your digital audience. The best ad in the world won’t work if we can’t give the customer a place to interact with your business. 

BUDGET – Everyone hates talking about budget; it makes them uncomfortable. But the plain fact is that some digital advertising platforms will never show success without a sizable budget. That doesn’t mean we can’t find success for a business in other places (such as social media marketing), but how much you’re willing to invest can determine which platforms you can realistically use.

An Ongoing Series on Digital Marketing Platforms

While Mediaura has expertise in multiple digital marketing platforms, we’re always learning and trying to optimize new platforms. In the coming weeks we’ll be doing deep dives into various digital advertising platforms and why we might choose one for your project. If you’d like to keep up with this series, follow us on our social platforms. If you’re ready to start advertising now, contact us so we can start building out a marketing campaign for you.

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