Paid Search Advertising

Target Match Technology

Do you see your competitors dominating paid search and you aren’t sure how to compete? Are you wasting thousands of dollars on paid search advertising but you don’t see the ROI? Maybe you are nervous about doing paid advertising because it’s expensive and you have never had to do serious marketing before?

Don’t worry. We have worked with startups and enterprise clients to purchase over ten million dollars in paid search advertising on Google alone. We are fortunate enough to have Google visit our offices and we’ve been to their headquarters. Our approach to media buying is transparent and our services pay for themselves with the results we typically generate for our clients.

We often pair PPC (pay-per-click) search advertising with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to get as many quality clicks as possible.

Our paid search services typically include:

PPC campaign creation
Custom Audience Creation
Click Fraud Prevention
PPC campaign management
Call Tracking Analytics Installation
Monthly Reporting
Google Analytics Setup
Google Tag Manager Setup
Heatmap Tracking

What makes Mediaura’s Paid Search Advertising unique?

Our Proprietary Target Match Technology ensures your product or service is placed in front of the consumers who are most likely to convert to loyal customers. This is a research-based service that provides you higher conversion rates and improved ROI.

Google Ads Case Studies

At Mediaura, our services can help your business across the entire digital marketing spectrum. As your digital partner, we will elevate your brand and exceed your online business goals.

Marco’s Pizza

Transforming a beloved pizza brand into a digital-marketing powerhouse.

The Meadows

Growing an established and respected business to an industry leader.


Turn your memories into fashionable keepsakes.

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