Is Google Ads Right For My Business?

For part two of our ongoing series ‘Which Digital Advertising Platform Is Best For My Business?’, we will examine Google Ads. If you’re asking yourself, should my business be using Google Ads, then the answer is most likely yes.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, has been around for over two decades. As Mediaura’s Marketing Coordinator, it’s where I almost always start planning an advertising campaign due to the vast flexibility of the platform. Other platforms surpass Google in certain areas, but Google Ads is the tried and tested general-purpose solution that we prefer.

PROs of Using Google Ads: 

  • Search ads (the kind you see at the top of your page when you look up something) use the Google search engine, the most popular in the world
  • It contains a wide variety of ad types aside from search (such as display, shopping, video, gmail, maps, etc.) 
  • Access to the Google user database allows for complex user targeting 

CONs of using Google Ads: 

  • The platform is being constantly adapted so advanced functions can be difficult for some users to take advantage of (don’t worry, we’re pros). 
  • If left to its own devices, the recommendations that Google makes can sometimes ruin a delicately crafted ad campaign. 
  • Because of popularity, your budget can sometimes be limiting for highly competitive keywords or audiences. 

How Does Google Ads Fit Our 4 Questions?

 To determine whether a digital platform is the best place for your business to advertise, you must ask yourself four questions. If these are your answers, Google Ads is right for you: 

WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? – Primarily regarded as a search engine digital advertising platform, Google Ads’ multiple ad types allow us to chase almost any goal a client has. I’ve yet to run into a campaign that couldn’t benefit from Google Ads.

While search is our primary use for Google Ads, we also see success with location-targeted display advertising in the B2B sector, local ads targeting restaurant and service sectors, and Gmail / Youtube retargeting for B2C clients.

WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE? – As the most popular search engine, Google has the broadest potential audience of any digital platform we use and solid targeting solutions to reach the right people. Google is constantly collecting data on its users’ habits and allows us to target users sometimes before they know they want a product or service. Catching a potential customer early in the sales decision process funnel is always cost-effective.

To learn more about how Google builds these audiences, read our blog “Is My Phone Listening To Me?

WHAT ASSETS DO YOU HAVE? – Google Ads, like most advertising, need something to point those ads at, such as a website, an address, or a phone number. When working with display ads, Google excels in creating dynamic ads with the content assets it is provided. The only con here is any video on Google Ads needs to be posted on Youtube, which is conveniently owned by Google as well. 

WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET – This widely varies. Google Ads will tell you if you’re not spending enough but will allow even the most limited budget a chance to succeed. For non-profit businesses, Google has a grant program that provides a media budget as long as you stay within its parameters. 

A Final Note About Google Ads

Google advertising seems to be working towards a more user-friendly system to allow non-marketing professionals a point of entry. I can confidently say that anyone with a hint of technical prowess can follow the steps and create a Google Ad campaign. 

The advantage Mediaura offers our clients is a team of marketers certified by Google, who stay up to date on the latest changes and take advantage of them. We pride ourselves on finding the customers (or helping them find you) that your competitors are missing because we believe in you. Reach out to us today to use Google Ads to their full effect.

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