Meet Mediaura’s New Senior Account Executive, Kari!

We’re lucky to have her, you’re lucky to have her, please welcome Mediaura’s new Senior Account Executive, Kari James!  

Kari certainly has the credentials for the job, having spent almost two decades in the local marketing industry as an account executive and most recently as the Director of Marketing for Nimlok Kentucky. She describes herself as a people person and a collaborator, perfect for working with our clients (and perfect for when we need a solid competitor for our company cornhole tournament.) 

Kari is no stranger to Mediaura, having partnered with us on the implementation of multiple website builds and digital projects in one of her previous roles as Account Director for Scoppechio.  

We’re excited to finally have Kari on our payroll as a bona fide employee! Now, read on for why she’s such a great fit:  

You’ve done some work *with* Mediaura before. What made you want to work *for* us? 

I am so excited to join the Mediaura team! Not only is the team filled with innovative, smart people, but the office culture is amazing as well. This is a company that really cares about their clients and their employees. I can’t wait to meet the clients who are no doubt wonderful as well! 

What’s the most rewarding project you’ve worked on over the years? Or what project are you most proud of? 

Much of my previous experience is with different restaurant brands. The projects that I have always been most passionate about are when I’ve had an opportunity to work on a re-branding. There is just something about bringing a brand to life from idea to the physical expression that is so rewarding. It’s exciting to hear a client’s vision and then translate that into the complete brand experience: visuals and logos, to copy, to full design layouts. I love the team collaboration and the process of getting to the end result. 

What is your favorite part of being an account executive? 

My favorite part is hands down the relationships that I get to develop. I am a people person, so I love to really get to know the people that I am working with, clients as well as the internal team. There is nothing better at the end of the day than knowing you get to work with people who you truly enjoy being around, all working towards a common purpose. 

How would you describe your style when working with clients? 

I love when a client relationship feels like a partnership. When both sides can be heard and valued and really work collaboratively together. I never want to feel like an order-taker, but that what I am doing is contributing to the client’s brand in a meaningful way.  

If you could visit one website for the rest of your life (besides Google) what would it be? 

I’m a big fan of the StyleBlueprint blog, specifically the Louisville edition! Every day they share content from recipes, to fashion, to travel advice, and so much more. They highlight small, local businesses, and it’s just filled with feel good stories of people bettering their communities. It’s interesting, informative, and includes beautiful photography. I think my entire reading list has been comprised from their recommendations.  

Want to work with Kari? Contact us about your digital marketing project! 

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