Meet Mediaura’s New Business Development Team Member, Tom!

Usually we’re a little more subtle about the deals we’ve secured, but this one is pretty major: Mediaura has hired a new addition to our Sales & Business Development Team, Tom Webb. After a decade in mortgage sales, Tom is now making himself known in the world of web development and digital marketing. Tom is already bringing new business to our doors, and we’re happy to welcome both him and his clients. 

We asked Tom a few questions, including why he chose Mediaura and how he’s embraced the digital industry since knocking down its doors. 

Why are you excited to work with Mediaura?

I am excited to work at Mediaura because the company has been in the business for a very long time. My clients come from my personal sphere and I needed a company that I knew had the experience needed to fulfill their needs.

I am newer to the industry and having leaders like Ashley and Andrew to help mentor me so I can build a long lasting career with Mediaura was important for me. 

Aligning values was another big plus when I decided Mediaura was my top choice. I had several meaningful conversations with leadership and had multiple character endorsements from my network.

Before diving into the world of web development and digital marketing, you spent 10 years in the mortgage industry and in mortgage sales.

 Why did you decide to make the switch?

The mortgage industry was my first love, I learned how to market and brand myself on social media while in the industry. Unfortunately, I attempted to move my business, and very soon after, the mortgage market became much more difficult. My wife and I had found out we were pregnant and I had to find something more stable for my family. Fortunately, I was able to secure an opportunity to work for a mobile app/ website development firm and really enjoyed working in the industry. 

What have you learned since transitioning into the digital world?

I have learned so much since making the transition and am still learning quite a bit every day.Thankfully my network and the fundamentals in mortgage were transferable to a career in business development in the digital world. I was off to an incredible start before getting the news that the company I was working for was shutting down operations in website and mobile application development.

One of my favorite things about this career is being able to discuss a company’s vision and find the best solution for them. Some clients have very specific requests and needs but most need help figuring out exactly what they need. I thoroughly enjoy guiding my clients to the correct path while collaborating with the technical team members.

What does a new website or new digital marketing do for your clients and their business?

That depends on what they want out of either and that is one of the reasons I find this career mentally stimulating. Someone might need their website to function as a lead generation page while another might need something for more internal purposes.Another might need specific integrations to communicate between two different technologies. 

For example, one of my clients develops land around lakes and they utilize several different tech resources to do that. They need websites that are developed to generate leads during the pre-sale stage of the developments and the website needs to function as an HOA website for the members of the community after the homes are built. They need the website, social media ads and google ads to communicate the prospective buyers information to their CRM so their appointment setter can organize follow up with the leads. They are leaning on us to be experts in both website development and marketing to execute their plans. 

If you were selling Tom to us, what would your pitch be?

Tom cares about his relationships and wants everyone he interacts with to gain value. He values his clients and their needs above profit. He is dedicated to helping his clients make the best decision for them and their business. He is highly networked and if there is something he personally can’t help with he will refer someone who can. Tom has the biggest “Why” in the world and that is building something special for his wife and daughter. This “Why” motivates him every single day to work towards his goals and do it in a way that his family will be proud of. 

If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life (besides Google) what would it be and why? 

Facebook would probably be the website of choice. The reason for that is Facebook is the way I stay connected with most of my sphere. I host several events and Facebook is the primary way that I market them and gather people together in person. 

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