What Mediaura Did This Summer

Our team understood the assignment when we told them to enjoy their half day Fridays. So we gave them another: Tell the internet what you got up to this Summer. We give them an A for knowing how to have a good time.

Tom Webb, Business Development

“We visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta to see the whale sharks. Our daughter just started showing interest in fish at home so it was awesome to see her get excited about all the sea creatures.”

Craig Choate, Account Executive

“I married the wonderful Christie Battista after dating for five years. I can’t really put into words in a couple sentences how awesome the weekend was! We had our rehearsal dinner on the CQ Princess yacht and sailed down the Ohio River toward the city for an awesome view! Our ceremony was in Belvedere Park in downtown Louisville with the reception in the Archibald Cochran Ballroom at The Galt House. It was genuinely perfect.

“Since neither of us are from Louisville, 97% of our guests traveled more than four hours to come celebrate with us, which means the world! Now, three months later we’re packing to finally go on our honeymoon and cruise to the Eastern Caribbean!”

Corey Capps, Marketing Coordinator

“This summer I really tried to reconnect with my friends. Cookouts, game nights, mini film fests, Shakespeare in the park, and DnD at our house. I also made our first summer jack-o-lantern.”

Danielle Grady, Social Media Marketing

“We turned our basement into the headquarters for a 24-hour ultramarathon around our neighborhood. I only completed 15 hours myself, but I think I still deserved that Baja Blast.”

Jen Souther, Director of Operations

“I spent most of my half days traveling to see family and friends. Outside of traveling, the rest of my extra time was used for wedding planning. I asked my sisters to be my Maid and Matron of Honor!”

Kari James, Senior Account Executive

“I went to Indy to see my fave, Eric Church, in concert at the Ruoff Music Center!”

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