Why Design Matters For Your Site

Design is as much a science as it is an art form. Design is ever-changing with technology advancements and human habit-evolution. For website design specifically, you are creating an experience for a moving target. By designers keeping up with trends, as well as developers keeping up with technologies, creative teams can mold the brand to the personas they are needing to reach.

UX Design is just another form of digital storytelling of a brand. Taking the essence of the brand, and by using design as the tool we humanize the brand creating a connection with the users. UX Design has evolved into various ‘centered-design’ methods, i.e. ‘human-centric ‘societal-centric,’ etc. This is due to the fact that your website not only needs to reflect the brand but also to give these users what they are needing as well.

How Mediaura starts a design project.

Accomplishing to solve the user’s problems in design is through extensive competition research, previous website analytics, customer engagements, A/B testing, and more — which helps cultivate the list of problems the users are having.

As Mediaura has expanded, we have created a list of discovery questions for the beginnings of our creative process. These questions were created to help our designers extract the brand’s goals, as well as possible personas that will be visiting the site or using the web application. By clients filling out these questions realistically and fully, the designers will start to form a clear vision of the brand, and create a persona for them to mold around the designed user needs.

In doing this step, the designers can envision a creative concept for your brand-specific design.

Why does design matter, you ask?

Back to what we say in the beginning; our designers are scientists just as much as they are artists. Design matters because the human brain is taught to believe certain things are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Do you find yourself drawn to certain book covers on a shelf? What about certain products at the store? UX Design is no different…

Design is molded to the users, persons, societies… humans.

Of course, design can be limited through technologies. Take these ‘blasts to the past’ designs for example…

GAP website design in 2000
Source: “Web Design Museum” – GAP Web Design in 2000
Fedex Website Design in 1996
Source: “Web Design Museum” – FedEx Web Design in 1996

As technologies have advanced, so has the user experience. Designing also for newer generations in mind, if your brands, products, or apps are targeted to certain age demographics. Mediaura takes all these factors into account when designing your brands’ website.

The importance of good UX.

You have seconds to influence, connect, and hook your users into staying within your site. The average time for users to wait for a site to load is 2-3 seconds. The importance of a really good UX design is getting the information users needs in that amount of time.

Mediaura’s creative team have perfected the skills to become one with a brand, anticipating users-needs, solving any underlying issues, and achieving brands goals in the process — i.e. higher online sales, brand engagement, or better on-page optimization. Having the initial strategic approach to a website is what makes good UX.

If you don’t believe us, take our work for it.

We worked closely with Pearl Street Game & Coffee House to come up with the perfect solution for their gaming events and table reservations. As well as creating an event calendar for users to find their specific events quicker and easier.

Appomattox River Company came to us with the brand goal of increasing online sales, as well as needing a new custom e-commerce solution for their 10,000+ products. Our creative team strategized how the product organization would flow, and which products should be featured on the initial landing page that would influence those new customers making their first-time purchases.

Mediaura strives to grow and learn… letting our creative processes and skillsets be challenged. If you are looking to grow with us, contact us today.

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