What Businesses Need To Know About Threads, Meta’s Twitter Competitor

So, you’re a business contemplating whether you should jump ship from Twitter to Threads, Meta’s new microblogging competitor. Usually the decision to add another social media platform to your marketing strategy is a risky one, as you weigh whether you have the time or the resources to. But here’s why starting a Threads account may be a safe bet. 

First, Threads is already vastly more active than all the other Twitter competitors that have been popping up. Mastodon, the second biggest, had 1.4 million users as of the beginning of this year. Threads added 30 million in less than 24 hours.

Not to mention that competitors such as Mastodon and Bluesky have a layer of complexity not present with Threads: To join Bluesky you either need an invite or you have to sit on a long waiting list, and there are multiple servers on Mastadon’s decentralized platform. 

With Threads, you only need an Instagram account — something that many businesses already have. 

Secondly, Threads is vowing to prioritize content moderation, a feature Twitter has been slacking on since Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. Most recently,Twitter lost its top moderation official after a dispute with the Daily Wire.That’s not the type of environment most brands want to be associated with. And although Meta has had its stumbles with content moderation, its efforts have stayed steady during the Musk Twitter saga. Meta said in its Threads announcement that it will enforce its Instagram Community Guidelines on the new app and let users filter certain words from their replies and easily block pesky profiles. 

A few hang-ups, though. If you are looking to advertise on Threads, that’s a no-go as of now. Mark Zuckerberg tweeted that Meta is working on making the product work well first before monetizing it.

You are also currently unable to use hashtags on the platform or search it for content. That could make it harder for users to discover your profile, but you can still search for specific users, and the Thread algorithm could launch your posts into stranger’s feeds without you even having to try.

DMs are also not an available feature yet. Although for some overstimulated brands, that may be a good thing.

If these are dealbreakers for you, rest assured that Meta may respond to your pleas. Meta has indicated that it is open to adding features as users request them.

You cannot currently use a social media posting service to schedule your Threads. This includes the use of Meta Business Suite. Similarly, you won’t be able to post a message to Threads and a second platform at the same time… yet. 

Meta says it is working on linking Threads to a revolutionary new open web concept called Activity Pub. Essentially, once linked, you will be able to see and interact with posts across multiple different platforms at once. Imagine seeing and liking your friend’s Instagram photo while on Twitter.  

One last con for Threads. If your business has a large audience in the European Union, Threads is not currently the platform for you. The app is not yet available in the EU due to the bloc’s privacy laws. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Easy. If you have an Instagram account for your business already, all you need to do is download the Threads app from the App Store or Google Play and log on.

If not, you must make an Instagram account first. If you don’t already have one, it’s not such a bad idea to join the club. The platform has more than 2 billion users. 

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