Should I keep doing SEO, Social Media, and PPC right now?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and marketing professionals are wondering if they should continue paying for SEO, Social Media, and/or PPC services right now. Here are some expert tips from Mediaura founder and CEO Andrew Aebersold.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as we’ve stated in previous posts, needs to be done in a consistent fashion. It builds up over time, and any disruptions in that effort can cause a setback that will take even more time and money to resolve in the future. Your customers are either going to continue or pause. If they continue and you pause SEO, you lose. If they pause and you pause, it’s a toss-up and you lose business in the interim. If they cancel and you keep doing SEO, you get the benefit of moving ahead of them in organic search while still generating SEO leads and sales.

Social Media is a little trickier. Ads on social media fall under PPC, and we will discuss that next. This is referencing original content on social media, such as a post on Facebook or Instagram. This is something you or an employee may be able to do to save on some costs while still getting out in front of customers virtually. A great example would be for a retail store to do a short 5-minute Facebook live once a day featuring a product with some backstory and a little personality. Make it fun. People are hungry for content while they are cooped up in their houses due to the shelter-in-place restrictions happening around the nation.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising consists of your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc. If you are getting a positive ROI on these ads for either leads or sales, then you should absolutely keep doing them. The CPA may change a bit up/down since the market is fluctuating right now, but you will need to continue buying those leads. If you cancel them, then you risk losing the business you were generating, even if the margins aren’t great. In this time of crisis, any margins in the black are acceptable for many businesses. Don’t create a problem if there isn’t one. If you are not seeing a positive return but need the leads and sales – give us a call. We can help optimize your campaigns so they perform better.

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