Mobile Apps Are On The Rise

New reports released show that native app usage on smartphones is on the rise. The reports show that the time spent on a mobile device by the average US consumer has risen to 2 hours and 42 minutes per day. While on their mobile devices, apps commanded 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time.

In other words, the average US consumer is spending approximately 2 hours and 19 minutes per day just on mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

Gaming applications continue to be the most popular, with 32% of the time spent on them. Meanwhile social and messaging apps (like Facebook), increased their share over the past year from 24% to 28%. Entertainment apps (think Youtube) and Utility applications maintained their positions from the previous year at 8% each, while productivity apps saw their shares climb from 2% to 4% of the overall time spent by users.

Mobile Apps

What Does This Mean For My Business?

This research is important for a few reasons. It shows us the importance of making it a point for your business to invest some resources into mobile; either mobile apps or a mobile-friendly web presence. Most importantly however, from a business standpoint it illustrates the continued accession of Facebook into the digital marketing landscape.

Mobile Apps

Mobile ad spending is on pace to reach $31.45 billion in 2014, that is an increase of 75.1% from 2013. This accounts for nearly one-quarter of the total digital ad spending worldwide.

Facebook in particular is gaining a significant market share. While some organizations we’ve met with have initially seemed dubious to the strength of Facebook advertising, Mediaura has managed to make them believers of the platform’s penetration into the marketplace. When they see the impact that effective Facebook advertising can have on their brand, edging them out ahead of their competitors, they always want to know what more can be done.

For several of our clients, the development of mobile apps and focusing efforts on social media marketing (ex. Facebooks ads) has had a tremendous impact to their bottom-line. When done right, mobile apps not only engage users but also tie into an overall digital marketing campaign. It goes without saying that the more places you can positively interact with your targeted audience, the more impact your brand will have on them. The credibility that a mobile app and integrated marketing plan can have on your organization’s brand is incredible. It’s every marketeers dream scenario.

Are Mobile Apps Enough?

A mobile app that is developed and crafted for your consumer base can be an excellent source of ongoing revenue and brand awareness. The key is not to just build an app because you have that “everyone says I have to have one” mentality. Those apps are hollow and often fall flat with savvy consumers.

It sounds pretty simple, but unique apps that have a relevant purpose to your consumers are far more valuable than generic ones with no clear thought behind the design.

To stand out in the vast sea of apps, you need to partner with a digital company that not only has experience with mobile app development, but also has deep-seated knowledge concerning consumers’ social media behavior. At Mediaura, we work closely with our client to help to not only develop their mobile app across all platforms, but we also leverage our Internet expertise to help reap a strong online presence. It goes without saying that social networking channels are quite effective in terms of raising the visibility of the app and helping it pervade throughout the mobile app landscape.

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