Digital Signage for Hospitals

Digital Signage for Hospitals

Hospital waiting rooms have traditionally not be the most exciting place for individuals to find themselves. Whether they are waiting for an appointment or accompanying a loved-one, the waiting room is their first introduction to a hospital’s service. If you think of a hospital in terms of a business or service provider, satisfied patients will be more likely to recommend a doctor or a hospital to friends and family, as well as return for future service or services offered.

There are many ways that hospitals are enhancing their brand and raising awareness for their facilities, but one of the most currently talked about it is the use of intelligent digital signage.  Dynamic digital signage allows healthcare providers to communicate directly with a captive audience (as well as their own staff). The benefit to digital signage over traditional signs or posters is the ability for a hospital to not only share information but to also generate revenue.

Digital Signage in a waiting room can serve a multitude of uses, such as:

  • Instructional content that helps facilitate their visit (sign-in information, insurance guidance, etc).
  • Information can be provided to the patient regarding how to communicate with their physician during their visit.(What questions to ask, preparing the patient for information to provide to their doctors (i.e. medications they may be taking, allergies, etc).
  • Physician information – a brief introduction to the hospital staff, which helps to alleviate patient anxiety – especially for children.
  • Displays can carry a mix of news, wellness information, and health tips.
  • List public health advisories and items such as flu shot reminders.
  • Promote value-added services and procedures
  • Provide patients advice for procedures such as, “What to expect after surgery”
  • For hospitals, digital signage is a wonderful avenue to promote upcoming events such as Health Fairs and Wellness Expos

There are many additional uses for digital signage in hospitals, some of which can even be utilized to open up new revenue opportunities.

Also, for larger facilities digital signage can be tailored for the individual departments, addressing the specific needs of patients and physicians. For example, digital signage in a pediatric wing can provide valuable information regarding immunization or safety tips. An obstetrics office may have advice for expectant mothers or reminders about when to schedule check-ups. The dermatology department may provide its patients with UV-safety tips, etc. There are plenty of possibilities, specifically adapted to the needs of the patients.

An extra benefit of digital signage is using it as a way-finding. Way-finding kiosks allow patients or visitors to navigate the facility without having to ask for directions. They can also provide visiting hours or other instructions that will be pertinent during their hospital stay.

For Your Staff

The benefits of adding digital signage to your hospital also extend to the hospital staff. It can be quite time consuming to have meetings with the entire staff or members of different departments, but with digital signage, you can make sure your message is being communicated and reaching everyone.

Some of the innovative uses Mediaura has implemented for digital signage in regards to staff are:

  • Placing digital signage in common areas (such as break rooms), hospitals are able to raise awareness about new policies, updated safety procedures, new treatments, etc.
  • Hospitals are able to illustrate organization information and hospital policy.
  • Information about diseases such as H1n1, AIDS, Cancer, or other items governed by law.
  • Employee recognition allows hospitals to highlight outstanding members of staff or bring attention to key team members.
  • Emergency messaging – an important way to let physicians know when an emergency arises
  • Deliver on-demand employee training.
  • Digital signage can be configured as a touch-screen interface, allowing different departments to enhance training, provide skill reminders or operate as a teaching tool.

Digital signage helps to keep hospital staff up-to-date not only on their facility’s guidelines but also on important medical practices.

Afforable Hospital Digital Signage

Why Is Digital Signage Important?

Digital Signage allows healthcare providers to enhance their brand by improving the patient experience. Hospitals can enhance sales or services through targeted, localized, and relevant offers and information. Through digital signage, hospitals are able to inform and educate their patients on products or services without pressure.

Digital signage saves money. By reducing costs associated with producing printed materials and static signs, hospitals are able to redirect those funds where needed. Additionally, digital signage is better for the environment and reduces waste.

Since Mediaura’s digital signage solution is web-based, hospitals can also broadcast live content and communications from their headquarters. This means that several locations, anywhere in the world, are able to receive uniform branding and communications. And unlike other digital signage solutions, our turn-key software can be used on any digital screen. The unique benefit to cost-savings that the Mediaura Digital Signage solution provides, is that hospitals are able to purchase inexpensive screens or re-purpose existing screens to utilize for digital signage.

Hospitals are able to benefit from what has been found successful in other industries. Digital Signage has a proven track record of enhancing brand recognition, providing valuable content, reducing costs, and increasing revenue.

Contact Mediaura today to learn more about our services and how our Digital Signage solutions can help take your facility to the next level.

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