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Revolutionizing Local Marketing

One of Mediaura’s most utilized pieces of software is ProBuilder Print. This revolutionary product has been changing the way that companies are able to do business.

While there are a multitude of uses for its implementation, it has had major success in the advertising and marketing arenas. One of the major areas to have embraced this forward-thinking technology has been the restaurant industry; mainly due to its efficiency at streamlining the approvals process and making it affordable for companies to target local marketing initiatives.

There are many advertising benefits to local marketing; an advantage that has traditionally be held by smaller businesses, but has recently drawn the attention of larger companies. Organizations that want to convey to their markets a more personal approach need to take a look at what has worked for small businesses in the past. While it is clear that small businesses are in a naturally more favorable position, Mediaura’s ProBuilder software allows larger companies to compete on a more targeted level and still maintain their brand standards.

Here is a very brief example:

Imagine for a moment that you are a company with multiple locations nationwide. Generic advertising for all of these markets will not be as effective as a tailored message to a specific audience. The imagery, copy, and pricing for an urban location may need to be radically different than that of a smaller, more rural setting.

Traditionally, in order to do this, a company would need to create several separate ads, all of which require approval by a multitude of corporate entities (legal, marketing, brand standards, etc). This is a time-consuming process, often necessitating several revisions (all of which monopolize further resources and expense). The window of opportunity for a specialized event could be lost and an exciting revenue opportunity along with it.

Another problem that corporations with satellite locations run across is that while they allow local marketing by individual owners/managers – they often risk compromising the standards of their brand. One location may choose to use a certain graphic designer or photographer and another uses someone whose talents may not be as strong, vice versa. The quality of one may be superior to the other. Font type could vary, pixelated imagery, colors that aren’t what is specified in the company style guide, etc. Inconsistencies such as these can damage the reputation of your brand.

ProBuilder Print recognizes this is a common issue with many companies, and our software eliminates the need for corporate worry.

Our patent-pending software allows an entity located anywhere in the world to develop dynamic ads that appeal to the local market but also strictly adhere to the style guide and branding of the entire corporate mission.

The benefit of Probuilder? Every facet of this ad can be dynamic – everything from the product, the price, the background, and the copy. Our web-based software allows franchise owners, for example, to run a special on chicken sandwiches in Seattle while simultaneously another location in Boise promotes cheeseburgers. The quality of the ad remains the same, the logo will still be high resolution, but the content can be tailored to a specific market.

What makes Mediaura ProBuilder so unique, is that it is done completely on the web.

Once you have created your ad online through our unique system, you may preview it digitally (saving paper and resources), and the file is then saved as a .pdf which can then be sent to the printer of your choice. So if a franchise owner is able to get a cheaper rate through a local printer, they are able to send this already corporate-approved file to press, saving costs even further. If your company does have a designated printer, they can rest assured knowing that the advertisements the printer receives from multiple locations are all ready-for-print without the need for additional design changes. There is an opportunity for saving costs on shipping, it eliminates the need for redesign, and corporate can rest assured the ad meets their standards.

There are countless ways that Mediaura ProBuilder is revolutionizing local marketing and the way companies are able to do business, and our ProBuilder Print software is currently being used in a variety of industries – food, education, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. However, what is consistent with all of our clients is the cost-savings to their business.

Key Features:

  • Patent-pending visual editor allows for real-time creation of content, revolutionizing local marketing
  • Full dynamic sizing capabilities (create the same ad for a 1/4 page magazine as you would a billboard)
  • Image library allows you to choose from approved content for image customization or upload your own
  • Image placement tools allow you to scale and move images on the canvas in real-time
  • Business database allows you to store custom information specific to a business and auto-populate that on the template, including custom logos per business
  • Create black and white or full color CMYK content
  • Full control of font face, size, and colors
  • Choose from approved background images and colors to maximize template capabilities
  • Capable of supporting high-quality billboard-sized content
  • Create single-page content or multiple page brochures
  • E-commerce ready means you can send your created designs directly to a printer upon completion
  • User-rights management built-in

Imagine the time and money your business could save from implementing such a user-friendly process.

The benefit to printers is that they know the ads they are receiving are of top-quality and all of the legwork has been done for them. We find that they are often very appreciative that the .pdf files they receive from our software are of superior quality and can go straight to print. This streamlines the process even further and makes creating your ad more efficient.

Contact Mediaura today to learn more about how our unique ProBuilder Print software can help your organization, no matter how big or small, all while revolutionizing local marketing!

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