Re/Max East Gets A Fresh Update

Mediaura was recently contacted by Re/Max East to begin updating their online presence.

Stated on their website: “Whether you are looking for a home or commercial real estate in Louisville, Southern Indiana, Oldham County, or the surrounding area, REMAX Properties East is the place for you to find the service you need. We are Louisville Real Estate leaders.”

As a company comprised of both homeowners and prospective buyers, the team at Mediaura is very aware of the challenges facing not only the Realtor but also potential clients. We have been having a wonderful time consulting with the Re/Max East leadership team. They have been able to lend their expert advice to our team and we are already well on our way to an exciting new website design on their behalf.

We thought we would take a moment out of our day to just show you some examples of the work we have been doing for them. Visuals always tend to help people follow along when we discuss the importance of having a strong web presence and brand identity that works to their benefit.

Let’s first take a look at their current web design:

Re/Max East
Old Design

While the previous website was chalked-full of valuable information, for both buyers and sellers, the navigation wasn’t as intuitive as we wanted to see it. Not only did we want to give the website an aesthetic “facelift”, and utilize the “empty space” but we also wanted to improve the overall user experience.

Re/Max East is comprised of professional Realtors who provide real estate buyers/sellers an exceptional experience, at an otherwise overwhelming time in their lives. We felt that their website should follow a similar direction – offering all of the expert advice for which people seek Re/Max out,  yet presented in an engaging and organized layout that would not seem confusing nor overpower the user.

Re/Max East
Mediaura Updated Design

While we have made numerous programming and developmental changes to the website, another popular alteration has been on how the search results are presented to the viewer.

In the past, prospective homeowners had to take too many steps in order to see properties that fit their criteria. After they completed the process, the results they received were not illustrated in the most appealing manner.

Previously the results looked something like this:

Louisville Website Design
Old Search Design

Needless to say, the space was not being utilized in the best possible manner. The Mediaura team decided to “take it up a notch” and not only enhance the presentation, but we also included some additional features as well. We have provided an advanced search section, in addition to a map view, and many more details. The design has also been adjusted to provide the information in a very clean and polished layout. One that users will find very easy to navigate.

Louisville Website Design
Mediaura Updated Search Design

Anyone who has searched for a home in the past knows that it is very difficult to judge a property simply based on a photograph. In the past, in order to see details about a property the viewer had to take multiple steps in setting up an account, etc. We have not only streamlined this process but we have also made sure to include a very detailed property description, along with a section for multiple photographs, community/property information, agent contact info, etc.

Re/Max EastLouisville Website Design

Re/Max East

Mediaura Updated Listing Design

While these are only a sample of illustrations from an otherwise extensive branding and website re-design project- you can already tell the difference. We have included enhancements for SEO/SEM, database retrieval, search features, etc…along with many other components to enrich the user experience.

This project continues to be a great success, and we have nothing but great praise for the Re/Max East team. They have continued to remain on the cutting-edge of technology and their latest efforts are really going to set them apart from the competition.

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