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Website Design & Development


Expanding a brand from a single facility to over 17 free-standing facilities across the United States.
Website designs and builds – Mediaura helped in the launching of 11 unique websites with content in a month

The Client

Growing an Established and Respected Business to an Industry Leader

The Meadows is a reputable healthcare platform that couldn’t seem to compete with the industry giants. Here is the story of how Mediaura flipped the tables and established an industry leader through digital marketing.

Coming To The Right Agency

As the world collapses more of its features into online platforms, the demand for online marketing has increased steadily over the past decade. As such, digital marketing agencies are mushrooming every second, and not all can deliver. Other than mediocre services, these agencies often overcharge the clients. In addition, they have no way of substantiating their work or quantifying the results.

The Meadows is a behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment platform that is well renowned in the industry. For years, the online presence of the company could only be described as a joke, despite having a digital marketing agency on board.

Other than having no measure of progress, the agency was costly and the services subpar at best. It made it impossible to stay ahead in the game, regardless of what The Meadows had to offer.

Our Impact

Finding Solutions

With the support and endless dedication of the business development team at The Meadows, Mediaura has transformed the platform through;

Expanding a brand from a single facility to over 17 free-standing facilities across the United States.
Branding expertise, leading generation mapping, marketing strategies, and a media execution to keep track of multiple facilities
Website designs and builds – Mediaura helped in the launching of 11 unique websites with content in a month
Expanded the platform to more than 17 facilities
Achieving a CPA for private inpatient servies of $2350

After implementing our branding and advertising campaign, The Meadows property was worth 100 million dollars when it was sold to the Kohlberg Private Equity.

The Strategy

Taking Action

As we’ve mentioned before, The Meadows did have a digital marketing agency. However, the agency wasn’t a viable investment, mostly because their services were overpriced and had little to show for it.

As such, our first task was to prove that we could track our monthly process while maintaining transparency in our actions.

At this point, our projects included Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google Ads, and hosting the website. With such services, a business can reach out to target audiences more effectively, regardless of the marketing strategy in place.

The Solution

The Miracle of Target Advertising

The health sector is by far the largest and most diversified industry. Targeted advertising is a cost-effective marketing strategy based on consumers’ data. Geographical and behavioral data collection allows businesses to expose their ads to consumers more likely to click on them. Browser cookies store the search history of a consumer, including the pages they frequent, keywords used, products or services they check out, and the page they spend the most time on.

This data is then used to create specific ads for the consumer, and there are higher chances of engagement. As a healthcare program, The Meadows can effortlessly yet effectively sell their services to a target demographic.

A general approach to advertisements eats up over 30% of a marketing budget. However, by only targeting interested consumers, this strategy increases conversions while reducing costs.

Consequently, this created a chance for The Meadows to branch out into four main facilities, each in unique brands and special programming. These facilities are The Rio Retreat Centre, Gentle Path, The Meadows IOP, and the Claudia Black Young Adult Center.

After America Capital Equity Firm sold the property, Mediaura was absorbed by Kohlberg and given the responsibility of rebranding and launching websites for most of the Sunspire Properties. For the next seven years, our company was in charge of over twenty facilities across the countries. It commanded a digital media budget of over six million dollars.

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