Welcome to the Mediaura Team!

2011 has been a banner year here at Mediaura. Aside from all of the wonderful recognition we’ve received from both the community and business organizations, we have been fortunate enough to continue to grow our team. As anyone who has had a chance to stop by our office can attest, while we play hard, we work even harder to achieve our goals. Our clients know, their satisfaction is our number one priority!

Our dedication and commitment to excellence have allowed us to recently welcome 10 new individuals to the Mediaura Team. As a company, we have pledged to source local talent whenever possible in order to reinvest in our community. It has most certainly paid off. This team of motivated individuals have hit the ground running, exceeding everyone’s expectations and achieving quite a few milestones in just their first week.

Welcome to the Mediaura team and keep up the great work!

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