Digital Screens come to Stark’s Building

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Mediaura ProBuilder Digital Signage

Mediaura is proud to announce that we have been working closely with the Stark’s Building to not only install new digital signage screens in the building but that they are also powered by Mediaura’s ProBuilder Digital Signage Software.

The displays feature an array of informational slides about the historical Stark’s Building, but they also provide advertising for tenants, commercial use, and rental information

ProBuilder Digital Signage

Our patent-pending ProBuilder Digital Signage simplifies managing your stores so you can keep your content updated and accurate while saving time and money. You don’t need to pay a designer to update your content on your digital screens when you can do it from your own computer using our drag-and-drop web-based software.

Key Features:

  • Patent-Pending drag-and-drop interface to customize your digital screens
  • Integrated image library to manage your assets online
  • Advanced enterprise-ready multi-store and multi-sign management tools
  • Full-featured scheduling tool with day-parting, recurring schedules, one-time future event planning, and more
  • Historical archive showing proof of playback
  • Our player software has offline caching capabilities, a custom rendering engine to reduce bandwidth, and polling to ensure your display never goes blank due to loss of internet connectivity
  • API for integration with existing digital signage networks
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