Mediaura Gives True Health the Full Branding Treatment 

Mediaura can give budding companies all the branding help they need with our New Business Starter Pack, including logo design, a fully functioning website, business cards, an online footprint and lead generation. We can even help you name your business! 

And that’s just what we did with True Health’s Center for Emotional Wellness, a new outpatient behavioral health program for adolescents in the Tampa and Brandon, Florida, area.  

Everything else you see of True Health’s online presence today (besides their name), we created: Their website, logo, social media pages, and their digital ads. One year later, their online presence is competitive with one of the nation’s largest online therapy providers. 

Building a Brand from Scratch 

True Health’s Centers for Emotional Wellness came to us with no branding to speak of, just their noble mission: To help adolescents and teens struggling with mental health, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.  

As a result, our team was let loose and able to get creative with True Health’s branding

Because True Health’s Centers for Emotional Wellness specializes in treating adolescents, we knew we didn’t want to use the same sanitized colors typically used by health care businesses. So, we went with a palette of muted pastels, inspired just as much by True Health’s home base of Florida as their clients. The modern, geometric logo we created also invokes youthful energy. We kept the internal branding positive and uplifting, a promise of what True Health can, and does, do for its clients. As one Google reviewer wrote, True Health “gave me my daughter back.” 

We used the custom style guide we created for True Health’s Centers for Emotional Wellness throughout our work for the organization, including their business cards, rack cards, newsletters — and their website, of course, which we built from the ground up. As you can see here, if you trust us with the site design, we’ll make sure it looks good. 

Creating a Competitive Digital Presence 

With a new business — especially in the behavioral health sector, which is battling competition from online telehealth behemoths — building brand awareness is key. 

That was our goal when creating digital ads for True Health and strengthening their SEO

The results have been impressive: an impression share on Google search results that’s on par with BetterHelp, one of the biggest names in online therapy. 

Let’s walk you through how we got there… 

True Health’s Centers for Emotional Wellness originally wanted their online display ads to look like their website, with pictures of happy children. While we understood their viewpoint, we knew the main goal was to get adolescents who needed help in their doors. So, we tested different ads on social media. We found that Facebook ads targeted toward parents and showing sad children were the most effective. Why? The adults we were targeting did not see their kids reflected in the happier ads. They identified with the sad ads more, which garnered more engagement and raised more awareness for True Health. 

The results from our Facebook ads show that audiences are taking note of True Health’s brand. Our estimated recall on one recent ad was 720 people, meaning out of all the people who were served the ad, 720 remembered it two days afterward. 

For Google, because of the company’s advertising rules, we found that it was better to invest in turning up in organic search results rather than display ads. 

Through testing, we found a sweet spot for certain SEO keywords on the website. To further improve True Health’s SEO, we added alt tags, images, and a call to action on each page. All resulting in our strong share of impressions. 

The Work Continues 

The best sign of a satisfied client is one that continues to work with us. We’re proud to say that True Health still uses our services to run their social media, paid advertising, SEO and keep their site up to date and functioning smoothly. 

The mental health crisis for adolescents and teens is worse than ever, with the latest data from the CDC showing that more than a third of high school students reported poor mental health during the pandemic. 

Just as True Health’s Centers for Emotional Wellness continues to be there for the youth of today, we are here for True Health. 

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