Why you need to Adapt

Why you need to adapt

I used to think that the key to success was longevity. The longer a business stayed open, the more likely it was to be successful.

While some aspects of this may be correct, that seems to be more of a result than a cause. I think a better way to view this might be through the lens of adaptability. The more adaptable a business is, the more likely they are to survive and thrive. It doesn’t just stop with being adaptable. Furthermore, I would suggest that the quicker a business can adapt, the more likely it is to be very successful. 

Not just because this year is unique

The pandemic forced many businesses to adapt or close. The companies that changed quickly were able to remain open to some extent, and many of them thrived. Then as the states adjust regulations to allow more businesses to open, those that adapt quickly to this are being rewarded again. 

Whether we want to admit it or not, change is a constant part of our life. Our ability to adapt as humans dictates the speed at which our business will follow suit. If we wait for answers from the masses, it may be too late to save our livelihood. We must continuously be looking for ways to improve, always measuring our KPI’s, and understanding when we must change.

Winners and Losers

If you look to our recent past, you will see examples of companies that failed to adapt, and those that succeed. Blockbuster video was a regular stop on the weekends for millions of people. The once-thriving business ceased to exist after streaming video. 

An example of a company that adapted is Netflix. They were mailing people discs to compete with Blockbuster, but now they are a streaming service with original programming that rivals every major network and premium service in the world. Netflix didn’t just beat Blockbuster; they bested the industry. 

Maybe your business isn’t going to have a creative pivot and adapt to become the next Netflix, but your choices may determine whether you even have a company six months from now.

How Can Mediaura Help?

Mediaura as a business had adapted numerous times over the years, if for no other reason than the fact that our industry had evolved to include new services and technology that didn’t exist when I started the company. Does this alone make us a resource for your business when it comes to being adaptable? Yes and no.

I think what Mediaura offers is the ability to help you grow your business using digital marketing. Our industry-leading approach at measuring our KPI’s can be an early detection tool for knowing when, why, and how you need to adapt. Our strategy can often see things with data, combined with our experience and perspective, to help you make the right change for your business at the right time.

The world is crazy right now. Wouldn’t it be better to have a trusted partner helping you navigate your way through the marketing, advertising, and lead generation side of your business? 

If you are ready to change, need to adapt, or want to learn more about how Mediaura can help your business, fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives. We would love to hear from you. 

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