Mediaura Starts 2023 With 3 Website Launches

Three of our clients are kicking off the new year with a shiny, new, Mediaura-made website. That’s a pretty great way to start 2023, if you ask us. 

Our new launches include a sleek website for a veteran-owned distillery project, a welcoming introduction to a new pest control company, and a long-due redesign for a mainstay in the collections business.

Branding BHAWK

The hype is real for BHAWK distillery. This new North Carolina liquor brand is building a 15-acre campus, with big plans for events and tourism  — and the public has already taken notice on social media to the tune of thousands.

Founders Brad and Jess Halling, veterans with esteemed military records, wanted to capture the excitement for their venture early with a website landing page meant to keep their fans abreast of their construction efforts. 

We delivered, of course. But first, they needed help with branding

The Hallings provided us with three separate guides: One for their overarching BHAWK brand and two more for their liquor offerings. 

We helped to consolidate their guides into one, setting standards for their photography, design, and voice that will guide their branding efforts from here on out. Its first application: Their website.

We used the branding guide to create a cohesive site that captures the tradition and sophistication that imbues their distilling company. We didn’t just want BHAWK’s site to look pretty, though, we wanted it to be functional, too: We designed all of its elements to build anticipation for BHAWK’s big project, leading with a rendering of what BHAWK’s distillery will look like and including an embedded Instagram gallery filled with progress photos of their construction efforts and a map of North Carolina to show just how close its distillery will be to major cities. We used animation throughout the site to show that BHAWK is a company on the move. And finally, we included a form to sign up for BHAWK’s newsletter, so that their most loyal fans will be the first to know about their progress.

Mediaura will be there with BHAWK every step of the way, with plans to grow the rest of their website as they do, adding pages with more details on their liquor brands and bestowing them with e-commerce capabilities

Centering People Over Pests With Team Bug Out

The pest control business isn’t about the pests — not really. It’s about the people and the peace they can achieve with a pest-free home. We set out to capture this when we designed the website for Team Bug Out, a new Louisville area pest control company with hospitality at their forefront. 

Supplied with a logo and a color scheme, we started the process of designing a welcoming site to introduce Louisville to Team Bug Out. Instead of gross-out photos to provoke fear in customers, we wanted to show them what their lives could look like with Team Bug Out on their side, leading with pictures of happy and empowered families. Pests took a backseat, only to be featured when discussing their services. We took our mission to the website copy, as well,  focusing on Team Bug Out’s principles of ease, education, and empowerment, and emphasizing how Team Bug Out could help customers reclaim their space.

Of course, ease of use was also a priority. We created a pricing form for Team Bug Out so their customers could get quotes — and reclaim their lives from pests — fast.

Team Bug Out is set to transform the Louisville pest control market, and we’ll be there with them, using our SEO wizardry to propel their business into the public consciousness. 

CST Co.’s Site Before
CST Co.’s Site After

The Key To Modernizing Your Business: An Updated Website

CST Co.’s roots go back to the 1920s, when the collections company was first founded. And while this Fortune 1000 favorite has only gained relevance in the industry over time, its website design was decidedly stuck in the past, languishing with a 2000s aesthetic that didn’t honor the company’s prestigious history.

We were tasked with redesigning this Louisville institution’s site. Our goal was to keep its functionality and content that its customers knew and loved, while unifying and modernizing its design. We achieved this with an animated introductory graphic, plenty of white space, and banner photos. We also improved the site’s legibility and streamlined its use of fonts. 

Our work for CST Co. wasn’t all about looks. We transferred the site to an up-to-date content management system, which will ensure its adaptability for years to come.

Have a website wish? We can make yours come true. Contact us today.

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