Mediaura Launches Website for Brooklyn and the Butcher

Mediaura recently launched the website for the New Albany restaurant Brooklyn and the Butcher, a small plates and big steaks destination spot that opened earlier this year. Our team worked with owner Ian Hall in the past to help him revitalize his website for the beloved New Albany establishment, The Exchange, Hall’s other restaurant venture that’s been a long time favorite for many New Albanians. For Brooklyn and the Butcher, we wanted to create a completely unique website that reflected the branding and feel of the restaurant’s fare and atmosphere.

About Brooklyn and the Butcher

This “anti-steak house” is located in a unique European Style building in New Albany, Indiana that has been around since 1871.

Once an upscale hotel, this space accommodated some of the late 19th century’s most prosperous clientele. As a building with a lot of history, Hall wanted his restaurant renovations to reflect its past life with a sleek, modern spin.

Brooklyn and the Butcher is both polished and rugged, welcoming diners in with a vibe that says trendy Brooklyn eatery mixed with the romance of an old school, New York Italian restaurant. The menu features both modern and classic dishes, and there is an actual speakeasy located on the lower level known as the Lantern Room. Our mission was to take these physical attributes and turn them alchemy like into a website that would represent the unique environment of the space itself. We want people to visit the site and get a feel for what their dining experience will be like.

Creating the Website

Our team came up with a clean, simple layout that really plays into the sleek, modern yet timeless vibe of the restaurant. The landing page features a rotating banner of images of the restaurant, bar, food items, and cocktails that follow through to every page with a call out to reserve your table. Scroll down to find hours, an option to sign up for their newsletter, unique call outs to follow them on their social media pages, and links to The Exchange website and their Hospitality management company website, Brand Hospitality Group. This information also conveniently rolls over to remain present on each page.

Landing page

Brooklyn and the Butcher Website

We created a menu page for each of the brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails/drinks lists. Each page features a small gallery of images that showcases the respective food and drink items; these images can be clicked on and enlarged. We’ve also included a page that features when and where Brooklyn and the Butcher has been featured in the press, a page dedicated to their patio, lantern room, and a contact page. You can find the website in its entirety here.


brunch menu

brunch images

Gallery images

dinner images

drink images

bnb tile floor

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