Enamored with Enamel

jen flair

(Jen might not want to talk about her flair, but we LOVE talking about our flair.)

If you haven’t heard, enamel pins are the newest cultural obsession, and it makes perfect sense. These unique pieces of flair are wearable, collectible and cheap to produce (not to mention super cool and cute), and they give artists the chance to turn their work into an affordable commodity. Some of our team members have been collecting these enamel pins and rocking them on their backpacks and jackets lately, so we had a great idea to do a Mediaura pin exchange.

Mediaura is comprised of a very diverse group of people with differing interests and personalities, and we love thinking up ways to learn more about each other and express ourselves to the team. So this past Friday we had a Halloween pin exchange! About a month ago, we each drew names at random and picked out a “spooky” pin that fits that person’s personality. We ended up with some pretty rad pins – You can check them out below!

pin collage

  (All of our very spooky pins)

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