Micro Mobile Moments and Your Brand

Mobile success is a matter of capturing mobile moments. Whether it’s the moment when you set out on a run and want to know if it’s going to rain or the moment you see the news that hints it’s time to sell your stock, the key is to design applications and sites that deliver the exact, relevant interaction in a mobile moment.

But, these mobile moments – the moments in which a person pulls out their mobile device to get what he or she wants, quickly and in context – are shrinking. Pretty soon, even apps will be overkill. Nowadays people not only want, but they expect instant mobile gratification. They want their information in a micro-moment – a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and deliver the information they can consume or act on immediately.

Already, the tiniest moments are speedy calls to action. You wake up when your alarm goes off. You stop at a red light. Your phone already engages you with signals like this called push notifications. You get a reminder when your next hair appointment is or who won a ballgame you’re invested in. Then you act on these notifications, even if the act is just quick acknowledgment.

These aren’t just mobile moments: they are micro-moments. And micro-moments are the next big thing for mobile. Mediaura knows that the technology to act in micro-moments is already happening – in the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile system, iOS 8, you can take action quickly in response to a push notification. And other technologies and analytics create the pinpoint context to make micro-moments relevant so you only get the notifications you choose.

Micro-Moments and Wearables

There’s been a lot of recent buzz about wearables like the Smartwatch and Google Glass, and micro-moments are what they’re made for. Wearable tech is the next chapter of the mobile revolution. One in five Americans already owns a wearable device, and a third of consumers aware of wearable tech say they’re likely to buy a device in the near future.

So how do micro-moments help your business?

  • Get targeted customers to buy on an impulse.

There’s a wine company, for example, which sends a notification that sounds like clinking glasses telling you the wine of the day. “Buy a bottle and get a great deal – if it’s not too late!” In one day, this company sold 105,000 bottles. Flash sales like that are perfect ways to win in a micro-moment.

  • Alert people to take action.

Nike tells people when their shoes are about to wear out. Walgreens reminds you to refill your prescription. Sephora tells you when you are near a store and how you can get rewards benefits. These are immediate pieces of information that customers probably aren’t thinking about until that moment, and most of the time, this call to action works.

  • Alert people no action is required.

Businesses can even send simple notifications telling you your package has arrived or an insurance claim has been processed where no action is required.

The four-step IDEA process

There is a four-step cycle that includes identifying, designing, engineering and analyzing to create the best possible targeted micro-moments for your company.

  • Identify the simplest interactions. What can you inform your target audience about in a moment? There are options for every type of business, and at Mediaura we work with you to create the best ones.
  • Design the interaction and make it as simple as it can be. Choose events that people can react to in the real world or can reply to with a yes/no answer.
  • Engineer a quick feedback loop. Determine the desired response by integrating consumer profiles built over time with real-time context.
  • Analyze the results. Your timing must be perfect.

How Mediaura Can Help

Instead of customers intentionally using apps a few times a day, at Mediaura we think about how our clients can engage customers in 5-10 second interactions many times a day. We can help you to create brilliant notifications that give your consumers the power to respond to messages, set preferences and take action through the simple tap of a button. For additional information about how we can help take your mobile to the next level, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.

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