Why Good Web Hosting is Crucial

Most business owners understand the value of having good content on their websites and blogs, but the importance of selecting a good web host often takes a backseat. As a business, big or small, you have to evaluate your needs properly before making a decision on hosting. Many companies don’t understand their needs and what could happen if they make the wrong choice. Choosing the wrong web-hosting provider can have a seriously negative impact on your income.

Major downsides to making the wrong hosting choice:

Loss of revenue: If your site goes down, your potential customers go down, too. Without a working online site, no one can learn about your products and services. If you host an online store, the outcome is even worse as you’ll lose out on potential sales and income. Amazon had a 40-minute outage once and it cost them roughly $5 million dollars. Having your site go down should never be an option.

Negative effect on your SEO Ranking: Good content marketing means high search result rankings so customers can easily find you. If your site is repeatedly down when search engines are attempting to visit, be prepared to experience adverse effects. Even if your site isn’t down, a slow website is still a killer when it comes to rankings.

Security and Malware Attacks: Many web host providers expect you to manage your own system on their hardware, including backups and security. This could result in hours or days of being offline if there’s an equipment failure. At Mediaura we back up your data to our secure virtual private cloud with enterprise-level hardware and cutting edge technology. All failovers are fixed in 30 seconds. We also assist with technical support, maintenance and security issues 24 hours a day.

Why Choose Mediaura

When it comes to hosting solutions, we’re different from the competition. Plain and simple, our dedication to speed, security and customer support is second-to-none. As more businesses develop an online presence, the risk of attracting hackers increases. Some of these hackers are looking to compromise the security of your business and your clients. Humans only generate 49% of all Internet traffic, so you really don’t know who or what is visiting your website.

Mediaura takes your security very seriously with secure, hardware firewall access enabled on all of our solutions. This solution is typically only available to large enterprise clients, but we package ours as an affordable SMB offering because no one should have their reputation and hard work be destroyed due to an attack on their system. Building an amazing website or mobile app means nothing if the infrastructure supporting it fails.

We Can Help

At Mediaura we understand that Internet Security can seem overwhelming. That is why partnering with a digital agency that not only understands the industry but also places your security at the top is a smart decision. We are a full-service industry and our solution was built by experts with over 25 years of experience. Contact us or call 502-554-9649 to learn more about our web hosting solutions or any of our other services today.

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