Mediaura launches Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up

Mediaura is proud to announce the launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up website. Developed for one of our clients, it is a free service to the community, where they can help uninsured residents review insurance options on the Health Insurance Marketplace, or help determine if they’re eligible for Medicaid coverage or other financial assistance. There is a requirement that each individual carries at least a minimum level of health insurance or face a tax penalty, however, most individuals find that signing up for this program can be a confusing process. Our clients have developed a program to help guide applicants through the process, as well as a website, PPC campaigns and supporting social media initiatives to raise awareness.

How Does It Work?

When users first visit the website they are presented with two options; they can elect to simply enter their zip code information or select the “Frequently Asked Questions” link to learn more about the program.

Website Development

Users who opt to learn more information and select the “Frequently Asked Questions” button are taken to a page dedicated to answering questions that many users have regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up program. The page is organized by the type of questions that users typically have such as:

  • Inquiries specific to the health insurance marketplace and assistance
  • Questions specific to the coverage
  • Questions about enrolling into the program
  • “What Ifs” scenarios
  • …much more

Website Design

When a user sees a question that they would like the answer to, they simply need to click on the question in order to have the answer revealed. This allows the page to say clean and simple, however, users may also select to Expand All and have all of the answers appear directly on the page.

Website Design

Once a user has decided that they would like to contact someone for help and information regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up program, they merely need to enter their zip code on the designated box provided on any page of the website. Once their information has been entered they will be shown the nearest facilities and hospitals that will be able to facilitate the sign-up process and make sure that they receive the best possible coverage for themselves and their family.

Website Design

Recognizing that many clients may be searching for these services through their tablet and mobile devices, Mediaura worked to develop a mobile-friendly website. According to recent research, health industry websites that provide a mobile-friendly option have a conversion rate of 160% higher than their non-mobile counterparts.

Mobile Web Design

PPC and Social Media Initiatives

Mediaura also worked with this client to develop a social media presence and supporting PPC campaign on various platforms in order to reinforce the messaging and raise brand awareness for their program amongst their target audience. We developed custom targeting pay-per-click and digital advertising initiatives to help our client reach their goals.

Social Media Management

Here is just a sample of the customized targeted ads we have developed for the Facebook platform:

Social Media AdvertisingSocial Media Advertising

Social Media AdvertisingSocial Media Advertising

Also, Mediaura has developed an internal application on Facebook that allows users to enter their zip code and follow this process without having to leave the social media environment. This helps to raise conversion rates amongst users and ties-in with the clients supporting social media initiatives.

Work With Mediaura On Your Digital Campaign

Mediaura is a full-service digital advertising agency that allows your online initiatives to integrate and support one another – maximizing your ROI and optimizing your campaigns to the highest possible level. We work closely with our clients to help identify and achieve their goals, leveraging our expertise to take their advertising to the next level. We specialize in creating online advertising campaigns, social media management, and online brand awareness.

If you’d like to learn more about how Mediaura can work for you, contact us today or give us a call at 502-554-9649 and one of our specialists will work with you on developing your next campaign.

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