Consistent Marketing Efforts

The importance of discipline and having consistent marketing efforts.

This past week I attended the BiZX 2020 conference in Nashville and I was fortunate enough to hear from some great speakers. Jeff Davis, one of the speakers and founder of 12 Mavens, talked about the 12 things the top 1% of successful business owners do. The first one, which was no surprise to anybody in the room, was hard work.

Hard work is the secret sauce.

Let’s focus on hard work for a minute. To me that means consistently getting up each day and doing the things that need to be done to make a difference in your business. I want to also reference a point Action COACH Founder Brad Sugars made in one of his lectures talking about the 29 things most businesses aren’t doing. #23 was No SEO, with the supporting comment that you should probably leave SEO to the professionals. Oh, and #1 on that list was that most companies don’t have a dedicated person in their marketing department.

Google can make it rain.

Stop wasting your money on SEO

We all know that getting a high placement on Google can help make it rain for your business with an influx of inbound marketing leads. We also know that to do this you must have a good search engine optimization plan. If you’ve ever talked to anybody about SEO you know they always say it takes time to achieve results. What most SEO companies don’t tell you, because they often don’t do it, is work towards that goal on a regular basis. I’ve seen it time and time again. A customer tells me that they are paying somebody monthly for SEO, but they haven’t seen any reports or the reports they get don’t mean anything to them. We will run a complementary audit for you to see if your website is optimized, and once we gain access we can tell if somebody has been maintaining it monthly per your service agreement. You might be surprised. Stop wasting money on bad SEO.

Who is doing your SEO?

I don't have time to do seo

Let’s assume you or a team member is responsible for the marketing at your company. Are you measuring your keyword ranking on a daily or weekly basis? Are you adjusting the content on your website to have a positive impact on your overall SEO? Are you creating new content in the form of blogs on a regular basis? Are those blogs optimized? Are you creating guest content on third party websites and generating backlinks to your website? Are those high domain authority websites? Are you monitoring your backlinks for low quality and blocking them accordingly? Are you measuring the results of your organic search and how many leads you get from SEO?

As you can see, managing SEO to get results can be a full-time job if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t have the proper tools. Even with our experts, our custom software, and our automated processes, it often takes 10-20 hours a month to do a good job on SEO. This is why many companies hire a digital marketing agency like Mediaura to provide consistent marketing efforts.

Hard work and consistency

I once wrote an article where I said SEO is like mowing the grass. It’s not that it’s necessarily hard, but you have stay on top of it. I find that many companies have followed the set it and forget it approach. They paid a firm to optimize their website for Google and then never did anything else. Unless you are incredibly fortunate, chances are your site is not performing. If it is, imagine how much more it could be delivering for you if you actively worked at it?

We believe in you. Let us help you grow your business. 

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