Remuda Ranch at The Meadows Redesign

Mediaura recently launched the new website for Remuda Ranch at The Meadows, an inpatient program for girls and women who are struggling with eating disorders. Remuda Ranch is one of four Meadows treatment facilities. Our team has devoted a lot of time to working with this client over the years, and we’ve come to know what works and what doesn’t for their online presence. The Remuda Ranch site is the third to be completed, following the completion of The Claudia Black Young Adult Center website and The Gentle Path at The Meadows website. We’ve streamlined each website to follow the same design and layout with unique elements added to fit each individual program’s needs.

The Redesign

This innovative treatment center needed a website that looked and functioned in a way that would represent the groundbreaking work they do every day on their campus. Using cutting-edge digital practices and following the clean, modern design of the other Meadows properties websites we’ve created, Mediaura took the Remuda Ranch website to the place it needed to be.

The old website was content heavy with weak calls-to-action and featured chunky blocks of color and text that distracted from the overall message of the site.

Old Website

rr old homepage

Goals of The New Design

Mediaura worked closely with the team at Remuda Ranch to understand the specific needs of their audience. This was an in-depth process that actually saved time in the long run, helping us to bypass the back and forth conversations that can easily happen between clients and design teams when it comes to redesigns. Our team developed a website that addressed all the issues discussed and streamlined the site to meet the goals of our client and to appropriately match the other property redesigns.

The Specifics

On a basic level, a good website is easy to navigate, understand and will help potential customers find what they need. Strong calls-to-action are very important, but need to be implemented in a way that doesn’t feel demanding.

With this redesign, Mediaura:

  • Turned content-heavy design into easy-to-read, user-friendly design for both desktop and mobile
  • Utilized the color palette to accentuate messaging and calls-to-action
  • Improved user navigation
  • Increased conversion and engagement rates
  • Leveraged the latest SEO best practices throughout the design in terms of programming, design and content

Aesthetics and usability are both very important aspects of designing a website; but the user experience can’t be sacrificed for the sake of appearance. Site navigation should be consistent and logical, and the design should be appealing to the eye while guiding the visitor to take action.

New Website

New entire RR home

You may view the new website in its entirety here.

The above the fold area of the new design engages the user through a concise branding message, call-to-action and immediate area for conversion. The color palette consists of neutrals with pops of strong color to highlight important messages and call outs through the design. There are also destinct categories to click so the viewer can get straight to the area of the site that is most relavant to their needs.

new rr home close up

Interior Page

The interior pages were designed to make apparent what is the main content on a page and what is secondary.

interior rr new


While the previous design was reactive to mobile, it was not as mobile friendly as it needed to be. Mobile and tablet internet usage has surpassed desktop, so it is vital that our new design is easily accessible via mobile device.

new rr phone

Let Mediaura Help You

Aside from website development, we also created social media identities on various platforms, created content for the website, and formulated an on-going SEO and PPC strategy. Mediaura is a full-service digital agency that prides itself on developing dgital solutions for our clients, whatever their needs may be. To find out more about our services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649.

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