Mediaura was honored to have been asked to sponsor the 2015 AAF-Louisville Louie Gala. As a long-time supporter of AAF-Louisville and the organization’s mission, we were proud to bring attention and facilitate the voting for the 2015 People’s Choice Award. In addition, Mediaura also worked to develop a platform and monitor live Tweeting for this high-profile event.

Our Director of Digital Marketing, Dawn Geary sits on the Board of Directors for AAF-Louisville and is a committee member for the 2015 Louie Gala; she was contacted a week ago by the AAF-Louisville organization asking if it would be possible for Mediaura to sponsor the People’s Choice Award and develop a platform for live voting at the event as well as handle the live tweets before the ceremony. CEO Andrew Aebersold and our team quickly accepted the challenge and began development of a microsite that leveraged our digital capabilities to make this quick-turnaround as seamless as possible.

Live Tweeting

Prior to the keynote presentation of the Louie Gala, attendees were encouraged to live-tweet their thoughts at the event utilizing the hashtag #LouieEnvy. Members of our digital team set up a process that would aggregate any Twitter mentions of #LouieEnvy, #LouieAwards, and mentions of @AdFedLou to a back-end monitoring system. Mediaura also worked with the Fun Time Photo Booth vendor to display images taken at the photo booth upstairs on the Twitter feed as well. The live feed was displayed on two large screens on either side of the award stage. Team members from Mediaura were on hand to monitor and approve all Twitter submissions prior to their display at the event.

Live Tweet

People’s Choice Award Voting

The AAF-Louisville Louie Gala People’s Choice Award recognizes the best of the best of the Louie award winners. Only select winners are eligible for this prestigious recognition, therefore Mediaura wanted to create a voting method that was as innovative as the nominees. Voting is only open for a brief window of time during the awards presentation, so we had to develop a mobile-friendly method that could be available to attendees and raise awareness prior to voting becoming available to them.

Our designs were created to follow the aesthetic feel of the Louie Gala (purple and gold), and to bring focus to the award itself. Leveraging smartphone technology Mediaura built the microsite on Flash (a Python framework), incorporating a MySQL database, with hosting on PythonAnywhere for a cloud solution, the Mediaura development team was able to fully realize the needs of AAF-Louisville within a few days. The theme of the 2015 awards was “Louie Envy” and Mediaura wanted to incorporate this theme into the design as well.

Prior To Voting

Visitors that came to prior to voting was opened were met with a splash page design that highlighted the award. This prevented anyone from voting for an award during the ceremony, prior to the announcement that voting was opened.


Voting Opens

Once it was announced during the ceremony that voting was opened, our development team was able to immediately turn on voting capabilities for the end-user. On the screen, users could see the nominees that were eligible for the People’s Choice and select those they wanted to see win the award.

When a user made their selection, their choice would be marked and highlighted for them. They would then simply be required to hit “submit” for their vote to be processed.


After users submitted their vote, they would see a “Thank You” page to let them know that their vote had been successfully submitted and processed.


Voting Ends

If users refreshed the website and tried to vote again, they could not vote twice but would only see this screen. On the back-end, the votes were calculated through the database so that Mediaura could provide AAF-Louisville results in “real-time” and immediately when voting eligibility ceased. Over 200 unique votes were cast and the 2015 People’s Choice Award was presented to the winner, all of this within a 5-minute window of time.

This entire endeavor was a complete success and we are extremely proud of our design and development team for helping to create this in such a short amount of time. It was a smooth process for all involved, thoroughly tested, and was implemented without any complications whatsoever.

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