Digital To Overtake TV Ad Spending

By now you may have read the latest release of Forrester’s five-year digital marketing forecast, a data-rich tool for budgeting, benchmarking, and identifying key trends to watch as you set your 2015 strategic plan. What did the report say? Exactly what we’ve been forecasting at Mediaura for quite some time: Digital advertising is poised to take over tv ad spending.

So what are some of the key takeaways?

  • US Digital marketing spend will top $100 billion in five years. Just think about how big that is. By 2019 in the United States, digital will be almost twice as large as it is now. It will be about $13 billion more than television advertising, and it will count for 35% of all advertising spend.
  • Growth is healthy but not runaway. We expect a 12% CAGR between now and 2019, which is a healthy slope, especially when considering numbers of this magnitude. But it is worth noting that this growth isn’t skyrocketing. Marketers 15 year look-back window allows them the experience and performance data they need to know when to invest in digital, but also when not to overspend.
  • Mobile marketing represents 66% of growth. This year, we included mobile as a deployment option (akin to desktop) for search, display, or social ad impressions. So you won’t see it as its own line item in the forecast. But rest assured, increased use of mobile by consumers, growing familiarity with mobile advertising by marketers, improvements to ad formats, metrics and buying practices, and increasing mobile ad costs will make mobile count for $46 billion of our $100 billion bogie by 2019.
  • Contextual marketing will steal some media dollars. Within five years, we will also see marketers shifting some of their digital media budget — the principal investment counted in this forecast — to fund customer-obsessed contextual experiences. This means that media dollars — either traditional or digital — are now going toward technology investments in stores or within marketing organizations, employee education, customer experience improvement, or data purchases.

Why Is Digital Advertising So Important? Digital Marketing

As we’ve been saying (and practicing) for years at Mediaura, digital marketing offers insights and analytics that no other form of traditional can provide. For those who are interested in exploring digital advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC) and Social Media Marketing (such as Facebook) allow you to the measure benefits of your ads most directly. As the report forecasts, spending on social advertising, like Facebook’s and Twitter’s in-stream ads, will grow more than any other digital channel over the next five years.

Also, one of the key benefits of digital marketing is that all forms of traditional media can be incorporated into its design. Broadcast television and radio ads now exist on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Companies that are more familiar with print ads and billboards, can get their feet wet in the digital marketing arena with display advertising. Social media can become the conduit in which you communicate your messaging and illustrate your brand most effectively to your targeted audience. The possibilities are really endless…

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Mediaura not only does digital advertising, we are digital advertising. At our core, our company has been leveraging advertising in the digital space for decades, and over this period of time, we’ve learned the most effective ways to leverage digital media and give our clients the best ROI for their efforts. While digital marketing and advertising may be new to some, it’s not to us. We’re well versed in every aspect that is required. While some companies will ask you to spend thousands of dollars on a PPC campaign, we know that unless your existing digital properties have a solid foundation, you’re wasting that budget. We know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an arcane and unexplainable tool leveraged behind closed doors. Our team of digital advertising experts sit down with every client and explain what it is we do in ways that they can understand.

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