When Should You Send Your Email Newsletters?

Timing is everything, right? Well, maybe not everything, but it definitely matters when it comes to getting subscribers to open your emails. So when is the right time to send out newsletter emails?

This topic is especially timely because the last thing someone wants to come back to on Monday morning after a long holiday break is an inbox overflowing with newsletters and email blasts. This seems like common enough logic, but here are some other general tips that you might not have thought about before.

Best Times to Send Emails: General Advice

  • Not Mondays: The general consensus is that you should try and avoid sending out email blasts on Mondays. Why? People come back from the weekend and their inboxes have piled up. They are most likely going to delete the ones that aren’t work related.
  • Also, Forget Weekends: Naturally, weekends tend to have low open rates because people aren’t working. It’s that simple.
  • Give A Heads Up: While 23% of emails are opened within an hour after being sent, there are always those people who might not see your email for a few days. So if you’re announcing an event, it is safe to send these types of emails out 3-5 days beforehand.
  • The Magic Middle: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays have traditionally been the best days to send email campaigns because of Monday’s woes and Friday’s itchy feet.
  • Midweek, Midday: It’s been proven that emails sent between 1 and 3 pm in the middle of the week are the most likely to be opened.

Now Let’s Get Specific

The tips above are considered general best practice advice for email marketing. However, there are so many situations that can quickly challenge these suggestions. You have to truly understand your demographic and their online habits. What if your business targets young tech aficionados? You would probably want to send more emails at night, not midday.

So the actual answer to “what is the best time to send an email campaign?” is: there is no single best time. If you really want to secure a solid email marketing campaign and send out your email newsletters at the most optimal time for you, Mediaura has it down to a fine art.

Our marketing team has created impressive email campaigns for many of our clients. Mediaura uses A/B testing to decipher perfect send times for each unique client and we make sure these schedules don’t go stale. To learn more about optimizing your email blasts, or any of our other services, please contact us or call us at (812) 590-9900. Happy emailing!

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