What We Did This Summer

Labor Day 2022 may be passed, but we’ll always have our summer memories. Thanks to half-day Fridays, our Mediaura team members were able to traverse the world, pick up new hobbies, and scratch some items off our bucket lists. Check out some photos and tales of our adventures.

Corey, Marketing Coordinator

“I’ve been woodworking since I was a child and grew up watching Roy Underhill and The Woodright’s Workshop on PBS. Roy retired from TV in 2017 but still teaches woodworking at a small shop in Pittsboro, North Carolina. My friend and I took the 10 hour drive and were taught by one of the people who inspired our hobby and is a legend in the community (sometimes referred to as Saint Roy). I definitely crossed something off my bucket list.”

Danielle, Social Media Specialist

“I went on my first backpacking trip this summer! It was a small, three-day trip in the Red River Gorge. Very sweaty, very fun — and now I think I have a new hobby.”

Andrew, Founder/CEO

“We [me and my wife, Amy] visited our home away from home in Playa Del Carmen. It was our first vacation spot we visited once we could afford to travel and had a supporting team that let us take some time off of work. We’ve been going every year ever since, dating back to 2008.”

Amelia, Director of Operations

“This summer, I was able to see the Van Gogh Experience when it came to Louisville. He has always been one of my favorite artists, so it was something I really enjoyed. It was a great exhibit and being immersed in the artwork in that way was very moving.”

Ashley, Director of Business Development

“We went on a lake trip this summer. We traveled to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia for a vacation filled with activities, including boating, jet skiing, a cornhole tournament and a 5K family race!”

Elisabeth, Administrative Assistant

 “I spent my extra time during the summer traveling with family and friends and eating as much amazing food as I could. Here I am ready to devour a pizza from Giordano’s in Chicago!”

Until next time, summer!

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