Say ‘Welcome’ With A Website: Mediaura Launches 2 Site Redesigns

What do you want your website to communicate about your organization? 

For two of our recent clients, they wanted to say, “You belong here.”

JATC, an established electrical apprenticeship program, hoped to show — not just tell — its potential students what awaited them on the other side of their application. (And to make that application process as easy as possible for its future electricians.)

RSCS, a supply chain management organization for big brands like KFC and Taco Bell, wished to make both job-seekers and franchisee owners feel at home on their site. 

We made sure that, with out site redesigns for JATC and RSCS, they were welcoming exactly who they wanted. – A Place For Future Students

JATC, a longtime apprenticeship program for electricians, came to us with a recently updated site but one that was more confusing and less exciting for applicants than we wanted.

So, we traveled to JATC’s Louisville campus, shooting photos of their apprentices in action, to fill their new website with picture proof of what applicants could expect once accepted. 

We also created a reorganized Applications page and home page banner for web visitors — one that clearly communicates whether applications are currently open. On the Applications page, an “Apply Here” button promptly ushers most users to where they want to go. 

For those who have questions, an expanded FAQ page with dropdown answers gives them the info they desire. And a Members Area shows current students the “when and where” of their scheduled classes.

With all these new developments, we’re about ready to apply to JATC ourselves. – A Place For Job Seekers and Franchisee Owners

There were two types of people RSCS knew came to their site regularly: Franchisee owners and potential job applicants. And the Yum! Brands procurement co-op didn’t want either left hungry for more after visiting. 

A site redesign for RSCS was long overdue; The organization was still in its .Net era and desperately needed a refresh on the frontend and backend. 

We gave them both — and accomplished their goal of serving both franchisee owners and job-hunters. 

First, we made the site more appealing to future employees, filling it with updated visuals, an automatically rotating location slider of RSCS’ offices across the country, and an interactive hover effect for a graphic describing the components of RSCS’ World Class culture strategy. 

For franchisee owners, we created a special portal, easily discoverable in the site’s header — stuffed with all the important information they needed to run their business. 

The result: A satisfying experience for all. 

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