Sauce It!

sauce it

How The Game Works

Sauce It is the latest custom Facebook game/application that Mediaura has created for our clients at Long John Silver’s.

The goal of the game is to get 5 “Sauce It!” across, down or diagonally and then to post “Sauce It!” to your Facebook wall. The players who are the first ones to shout it out are eligible for “FREE” Long John Silver’s for a year.

Playing the Game

Every day a new game piece is published. Players simply need to log-in to the “Sauce It!” game and retrieve their daily piece by clicking on “Get Game Piece.”

Custom Facebook Game

Since this user has “Crab Cakes” listed under the “Cocktails” column, they qualify for a new daily game piece.

Custom Facebook Game

As you can see, the “Sauce It!” tile has already been placed over the corresponding area of the game board.


When a player retrieves their daily game piece, a post is displayed on their wall, linking Facebook Users directly to the game on Long John Silver’s Facebook Page.

Also, an update promoting the game is displayed in their news feed encouraging their friends to come check out the game and play for themselves.

Custom Facebook Game

Facebook Games and Custom Applications

Mediaura are experts at custom crafting games that help raise your brand’s profile while simultaneously increasing users’ social media engagement. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help enhance your social media presence.

You can also check out the Sauce-It game, by visiting LJS’s Facebook page here.

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