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Why Mobile Matters To Your Business

EMarketer.com reported that businesses in nearly every category are seeing a double-digit percentage of their Web traffic from visitors using mobile devices. This shift in how consumers are using the Internet has a dramatic impact on your most valuable digital asset – your website.

How important is it that your business or organization has a mobile-friendly website? Well, for starters mobile browsing is growing 14 times faster than that of desktop Web browsing. This means that if your website is not at least mobile-friendly, then you’re losing a serious competitive advantage. Research conducted by Google revealed that 67% of mobile Web users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website, and a full 61% said they would quickly move on to a competitor’s website if it is not.

As of January 2013, industry analysts reported that 55% of American mobile phone subscribers owned a smartphone, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, approximately 6.4 million iPhones are active in the US alone, and that’s just one brand’s device.

Here are some interesting facts I came across that I’d like to share with you:

  1. There are 4 times as many smartphone owners as computer owners in the U.S. today.
  2. Apple sold 48 million mobile devices in 2011; they sold 4.9 million desktops and laptops during the same period.
  3. 48% of U.S. mobile subscribers use a smartphone. Smartphone usage grew by 50% from 2011 to 2012.
  4. 91% percent of Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7.
  5. In 2013, mobile phones will surpass PCs as the primary means of accessing the Internet.
  6. 1 in 7 Internet searches are performed on a mobile phone.
  7. 16.9% of Black Friday 2012 online shopping was done on a mobile device.
  8. 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 90% take action a result, such as making a purchase or contacting the business.
  9. Research indicates consumers have already spent $20.7 billion via their smartphones.
  10. Only 20% of businesses have invested in a mobile website.

There are different paths that you can take when making the decision to go mobile; mobile applications, responsive website design, mobile websites, etc… but the most important part is that you do it.

If you’d like to learn more about how mobile marketing can work for you, contact Mediaura today.

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