Online Advertising to Surpass Print in 2012

Recently, I read an article where an author begged the question, “Is branding online REALLY that important?”

Yes, it is important, very much so.

We’ve previously touched base on why Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing should become a crucial part of your marketing/branding portfolio, as well as how to make sure it is done correctly. As consumers spend more time on the internet and become more tech-savvy, the audience for brands online increases.

For the first time in U.S. history, marketers are projected to spend more on online advertising than on advertising in print magazines and newspapers.

According to a study released by eMarketer, online advertising is expected to generate $39.5 billion in sales this year — a 23.3% increase from 2011 — compared to a sum of $33.8 billion on print.

That’s impressive growth, especially since 2011 also witnessed a 23% jump in online ad spending, according to eMarketer’s calculations. Online ad revenues should continue to grow over the next half-decade, albeit at a more modest rate, as shown in the chart below. Total online ad investment is projected to hit $62 billion by that time.

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The forecast for print is foreboding. Marketers are expected to continue cutting their print advertising budgets for the next half-decade, spending $32.3 billion in 2016, 10% less than what they invested in print ads in 2011.

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Why Should You Advertise Online?

There are many reasons that advertising online is not only cost-effective but provides you with a greater Return On Investment (ROI).

Cost-effective: Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available for creating, delivering, and executing campaigns

Target: You can reach a specific audience based on geography, areas of interest, and context of the content.

Search: Product and search research is the second biggest online activity behind email with 89% of consumers using the Internet to look for information on products and services

Reach: There are now more individuals online than watching TV.

Measure: Online advertisement is transparent. Reporting and analysis give comprehensive evidence of return on investment on all promotional activities. Analytics allows you to see tangible information regarding your campaigns.

Act now: Direct response and lead-generation campaigns have proven especially effective online. Consumers can immediately click on a link to access more information, make a direct purchase or register for newsletters or services.

Do You Need Help?

As Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click advertising becomes increasingly crucial to businesses’ growth, there have been more so-called “experts” entering the arena looking to make a quick buck equipped with very little knowledge of what true SEO/SEM entails. SEO/SEM is a very powerful marketing tool to have in your arsenal. However, what many people don’t realize, is that if your online presence (i.e. your website) isn’t programmed correctly at the start – giving your online brand a strong foundation – then you are not going to get the most out of your Online Marketing campaign.

Did you know that if your website is not in the top listings of Google you could be potentially losing 70% of your total online market? Or that if your website is not in the top 3 search engines you could be losing up to 90% of your total online market? Online Marketing could very well be the ‘secret weapon’ that pushes you ahead of your competition.

If you’d like to know more about Search Engine Marketing or the different options you may have, please feel free to contact us today.

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