Fun Times at the Kentucky State Fair

Mediaura is a ‘work hard, play even harder’ type of team.

Mediaura Tradition constitutes that every summer our team takes a half-day and then load up in several cars to carpool to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.

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First Priority: Refreshments & Food.

The first priority for the team is always to locate the best beer on the premises. Or at least, the best place to get beer. A few dissenters opted for White Claws. We are trendy like that.

Beverages in hand, we start making our rounds to the food trucks and stands with all their heart-attack-on-a-stick offerings.

This is where different personalities come to play.

Some people come with specific fair food in mind, and they have a strategic plan of where to go. Like for example, a fair brat with piles of sauteed peppers and onions. Or corn dogs. (Did you know the fair has regular corn dogs, foot-long corn dogs, jalapeno cheese corn dogs, bacon corn dogs, and chocolate corn dogs? Now you know.)

Others see the first thing that smells good and go for that. I mean who can resist the cheesy fair fries loaded up with jalapenos and bacon? Or steamy hot cheeseburgers so tall you can barely take a bite?

And then there are the stragglers who finish the complete round before deciding on anything. These people like to know their options. Not naming any names, but they’re also the ones who arrive last at the table with gigantic parmesan-dusted mac and cheese balls and everyone exclaims “Where’d you get THAT?”

After we’ve thoroughly stuffed ourselves with Everything Fried, it is time to head indoors. Perfect timing, because we are getting a lot of sun and it’s hot.

Art, Animals, and more Animals.

The Mediaura team inside the Expo Center is a bit of a circus. Not much unlike herding chickens or children, everyone wants to go different directions and at different paces.

Some of the team gets lost in the art exhibition, looking at the stained glass, sculptures, photography, paintings, and digital designs, glad to see the rise of young talent in our area. While others find it a priority to examine the rubber broom selection or find the best fudge.

Corey, our Wrestler Aficionado, manages to get everyone coordinated enough to lead the pack to meet Heavy Machinery. We are pumped. Those who aren’t, well, they just wander over to Supergirl & Flash to take some hero-style photos. Turns out by the time we finally locate the spot, there are just cardboard cut-outs and the WWE wrestlers are nowhere in sight.

We console ourselves by looking at the horses and cattle, and petting bunnies. Lots of bunnies. Long-eared, short-eared, albino, giant-sied, and dwarfed. Let’s just say, we pick a certain day to attend the fair… Bunny Day.

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We ended our Kentucky State Fair day with us all playing some games in hopes of winning the ever-elusive fair stuffed animals. We shot some baskets and threw some darts, with Sarah being the reigning dart-throwing queen. (Much like Alexei in Stranger Things Season 3 — too soon?)

See You Next Year.

As we end our day at the fair, we are all varying levels of dehydrated and on the edge of sunburn, but here at Mediaura, we just chalk that up as a good time.

Maybe next year we’ll even try the chocolate corn dog.

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