3 E-commerce Pain Points (and how we fix them)

Mediaura’s development team is skilled in the top e-commerce platform solutions including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. We utilize results-based development to help increase sales while using analytics to track trends and cart abandonment.

Our thorough research and testing with e-commerce brands highlight both the common e-commerce businesses pain points, as well as e-commerce customer pain points. With that knowledge, we’ve started setting processes and strategizing projects to help e-commerce businesses reach their goals and customers needs.

Here are 3 common e-commerce pain points that your business may be experiencing, with tips on how we can help you achieve your goals and relieve your pain  points:

1. Driving Traffic & Brand/Product Awareness

The greatest challenge for online businesses is brand recognition. With so many options at the fingertips of consumers, brand awareness is key for driving traffic to your online business. Customers need to know who you are to be able to find you.

Mediaura strategizes the best marketing plan for you, including:

  • Social Media Marketing: Mediaura gives your brand a social media presence with consistent content that fits your brand and shows off your products.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We strategize your keywords, start an on-page SEO plan, and make sure your website is on par with Google’s page speed and development standards.
  • Target Match Technologies: Our proprietary research-based service ensures your online business is placed in front of the consumers who are most likely to convert to loyal customers.

2. Customers’ Pain Points

Mediaura’s expertise in e-commerce solutions gives us the upper-hand in pinpointing your online customers’ pain points, strategizing how to solve them, eliminating any issues customers are having, and creating a personalized customer experience.

Ranking well on Google doesn’t always convert to sales when your site isn’t designed for customers. Here are some common e-commerce customer pain points that cause cart abandonment, high bounce rate, and more:

  • — Price Point: Customers aren’t always willing to pay higher prices on items that have a low life expectancy, or are everyday use items. Some e-commerce businesses see this as an indicator to lower their prices, but that is not always what we’d recommend. Instead, if you have high-end products, we strategize your content to make the customers confident in their purchase decision.
  • Shopping Journey: We build e-commerce solutions to give the customers an online shopping experience that makes it easy and personalized to them. Our creative team strategizes the best anatomy changes to your design to help your customers find the products they are looking for more quickly while also simplifying their cart experience.
  • Retargeting & Personalization: We’re all human, and want to feel special. Our shopping experience should reflect that. Mediaura strategizes marketing tactics that could help the customers feel like your brand cares about them as individuals, and reminds them that they are just as much of your brand’s journey as their purchases are.

3. Multichannel Solutions

For an online business, it is essential to be everywhere at all times. Mediaura has worked with many brands that have used multichannel solutions. Selling on multiple platforms is essential for your online business.

At the beginning of your e-commerce project with Mediaura, we work with you to strategize your business design and to customize the best solutions for your online business and products.

Here are ways having multichannel solutions can help your online business revenue:

  • Acquiring New Customers: Everyone searches on Google/Amazon first for all products. Being open to how new customers come across your brand will give you new opportunity to reach various e-commerce customers.
  • Maximizing Revenue: Creating more channels for revenue helps get your online business off the ground and helps customers find your products more easily on various e-commerce solutions.
  • Brand Awareness: Selling your products through multiple channels puts your brand in front of more people and more frequently, which fosters curiosity about what you’re offering.

Mediaura’s roots are in development and e-commerce solutions. We have crafted the perfect strategies for brands to find their pain points, achieve their goals, and acquire new customers.

E-commerce pain points are easy to fix if you have the right team helping you. We offer strategists to cultivate a research and data-based strategy, a creative team to create consistent content for your brand, and a development team that can create the perfect personalized experience for your customers.

Mediaura is always looking to expand and grow with our clients. If you’re looking to join us on our journey, contact us today!

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