The Mellifluous Sound of Mediaura

Introducing the mellifluous sound of Mediaura . . .

Every month here at Mediaura, a team member is chosen to be the “Culture Czar.” This means during that particular month, they choose an activity that speaks to their interests or personality and share it with the rest of the team.

Our July Culture Czar is a huge fan of music, so he came up with the idea of each team member writing down their name along with some of their favorite bands and genres. We each chose a name at random and then were tasked with creating a Spotify playlist for that person based on their musical interests.

Once we received our personalized playlists, we were asked to choose one song from our individual lists that we liked the most. The result was a titanic playlist: a combination of the disparate yet intellectual sounds of Mediaura as a whole. Ms. New Booty just barely missed the cut.


(If the song links aren’t working, blame Spotify. Press refresh and it should work.)

And just for fun, here is our playlist if it was a nonsensical paragraph:

Brother, we aren’t opposed to wearing Sweatpants and Walking In the Sun. So Take Me Out and let’s follow the Animal Tracks Down To the River To Pray. However, if you want some Entertainment, then Put Your Records On and Turn The Page Again! Let’s listen to The Rake’s Song – some New Americana Time Bomb music. I’M HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF!

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