Our latest Ad for Business First

ProBuilder Print

Our latest ad for Business First features our ProBuilder Print. Mediaura ProBuilder Print (formerly known as ADBuilder) is our proprietary, patent-pending web-based software that lets you create templates for your organization to easily and rapidly create customized print-ready content that meets brand standards.

Key Features:

  • Patent-pending visual editor allows for real-time creation of content
  • Full dynamic sizing capabilities
  • Image library allows you to choose from approved content for image customization or upload your own
  • Image placement tools allow you to scale and move images on the canvas in real-time
  • ProBuilder Print business database allows you to store custom information specific to a business and auto-populate that on the template, including custom logos per business
  • Create black & white or full color CMYK content
  • Full control of font face, size, and colors
  • Choose from approved background images and colors to maximize template capabilities
  • Capable of supporting high-quality billboard-sized content
  • Create single-page content or multiple page brochures
  • ProBuilder Print is e-Commerce ready means you can send your created designs directly to a printer upon completion
  • User-rights management built-in
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