Mediaura redesigns Haven Warrior Support Center Website

“Because all of us believe and understand in the fabric of the common bond of why we call ourselves American is to care for the men and women who wear the uniform; and when they take off the uniform, we care for them when they are veterans.” – Steve Buyer

Mediaura has been engaged in rebranding all websites belonging to the Haven Behavioral Healthcare hospital network. With locations throughout the country, the Haven Behavioral Healthcare network includes a variety of hospital types, all falling under the main corporate brand. The focus for this project has been maintaining corporate brand standards on all of the website properties while still highlighting the speciality areas found at each location (i.e. geriatrics, disordered eating, chemical dependency, and military support). We recently launched the Haven Behavioral War Heroes website and were asked to follow that up with rebranding the Haven Warrior Support Center.

Haven Warrior Support Center

The Warrior Support Center has programs designed specifically for military personnel and their families. Therapists are specialized in addressing health care issues in relation to military trauma and its effects on family relationships, career issues, and long-term wellness.

The services and personnel at the Haven Warrior Support Center are second-to-none, however, the website wasn’t doing a great deal to convey that level of expertise to the viewer.

Warrior Support Center military PTSD

As you can see above, their original homepage did not do much to grab the viewer’s attention through an engaging design. The imagery used was inconsistent and the color scheme made it difficult to read (while doing little to reflect its military purpose).

We felt it was important to not only transition their website to a content management platform but also redesign the visuals to make the purpose of the Warrior Support Center easily identifiable.

Army Navy Air Force Marine PTSD treatment

The new landing page (as seen above) contains all of the necessary branding information all on one page (corporate information, individual hospital information, an overview of the hospital, and the ability to make a referral for service). This allows the viewer to immediately understand the purpose and type of facility that is the Warrior Support Center.

Warrior Support Center

The former interior pages did not provide much detail on the particular types of services or treatments available. The imagery also did little to convey the type of client that would receive assistance from the Warrior Support Center.

Below you can see some examples from the newly redesign website. Integrated Google Maps allows users to see the exact location of the facility, along with accessing all contact information in order to utilize the maps functionality of smartphone technology.

PTSD treatment military colorado
Warrior Support Center Brochure PTSD hospital

In order to provide viewers with as much information possible, we have made all of the collateral materials (such as informational brochures) available as downloadable .pdfs on the website.

Youtube PTSD treatment military hospital

We were also able to embed videos from the Haven Warrior Support Center YouTube page, capitalizing on the SEO provided by these services.


The Warrior Support Center was created specifically to serve active-duty military men and women. A referral for treatment is required from the behavioral health care case manager from the service members’ military treatment facility. The Warrior Support Center provides treatment to members of all military branches (Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, etc).


The “For Professionals” section provides information on how to make a referral to the program, detailed information about treatment modalities and services provided.


Detailed information about the facility, along with contact information, and hours of operation are provided so that viewers may request further information immediately from the website.

Mediaura has enjoyed the wonderful working relationship we have with all of the Haven Behavioral Healthcare team members and staff. As a company that deeply supports our Military and Veterans, Mediaura is honored to have the opportunity to work with a hospital organization such as the Haven Warrior Support Center that is doing so much fantastic work on their behalf.

To learn more about the Haven Warrior Support Center, its programs, or to view the website in its entirety, please click here.

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